SILC 4312

Week of September 15


A few things you should know (and do) before class...

1) SMORE (the site you are on right now) is what I will use to provide updates---like a newsletter where everything I need to tell you will be in one place! I will continue to use "Remind" for special last minute alerts, and your videos/quizzes will still be on Edmodo.

2) I have had several questions about what to do with your WSQ assignments. I first asked you to hang on to them, but this does not allow me to view your work. Therefore, I have created a blog for each of you where you will record your weekly WSQ. We will also use these blogs to reflect on certain things throughout our semester together. Here are details on how to sign up!

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on "students"
  3. Join Code: dfitvw
  4. Display Name: First and last name

3) As soon as you get a minute...please upload a photo of yourself to your Edmodo account. This will help me learn names sooner! :)

Every Tuesday in the BB (Bayou Building)

BYOD- Bring Your Own Device! This is a "flipped classroom", where you will listen to the lecture outside of class, and you will APPLY your knowledge in the classroom through various forms of activities and through technology. A device is necessary! :)

In order to be PREPARED for class, you need to have done the following:

  1. Watch any videos that are posted and assigned for the week on Edmodo.
  2. Read/print any documents that are posted and assigned on Edmodo.
  3. Read/Visit any links that might be posted on Edmodo.
  4. Complete your WSQ, and be ready to share in class.