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Hanover County Public Schools--- March 2014

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Assistive Technology in Action Series: Meet Elle (Click HERE!)
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Visuals to Support Learning

Visual supports have proven to be a huge success with many of our students, not just the ones with ASD but across the board. Visuals allow students with special needs access to the general education curriculum as well as helps them with the inclusion process. For some students, visuals are almost a lifeline to help them through their day.

"I often laugh at my observation that many times an adult is the one who is causing the problem for a child who is having a meltdown. One day, I just could not figure out why one of my students was literally in tears heading to music class. Oops! Mrs. Ferry forgot his visual schedule! For this particular student, his visual schedule book helps him understand the rules and expectations in music class. He knows exactly what he needs to do and for a child who has such a severe language impairment and therefore can not communicate like other students, his visuals help him connect with everyone else. A brief jog back to his classroom to grab that book and he was all ready for music with a smile on his face! Whew!!" ( exerpt from

SPED Virtual Eyes on Instruction Space

We know you are sooooo busy in your own classes and rarely have time to see what others in our County are doing to help our students achieve success! We have created a space on Blackboard to share ideas and shout outs for sharing! You can find the following ideas and many more on Blackboard-SPED- Assistive Technology-......

A HUGE "Shout Out" to Melissa Jones and Tonya Sikkar at SAES.

Quick AT Consideration Tip:

  • When more formal AT assessment in indicated, it is conducted by the IEP team using the SETT framework (Student, Environment/s, Task, Tools).
  • The SETT and other tools/resources (including sample assessment reports) can be found on the SPED blackboard site under the Assistive Technology tab.

AT Squad

--Mary Leffler, Becky Conti,

Jennifer Dickerson and Lauren Whitlock