Dealing with Aging Parents:

When switching roles of care giving, do it right!

Aging in America

Recently scientist have proven that there has been a major increase of american's living past their 70s. Which means there is a larger need for more adult children care givers for their aging parents.

Care giving for an aging parent: taking charge

To deal with and aging parent can be a challenging situation. It can be made more difficult when siblings aren't willing to take similar responsibilities. This can all be hard but making sure you have well rounded support by family and friends can allow you to have the power to take charge.

What's the key to enlisting the help of your family to ensure the best care for your parent?

  • Open the lines of communication- As a family with all your siblings and parents discuss how you will care for mom/dad when they are older, do this so you can avoid a crisis.
  • Pick an age- Have a conversation with your parent when they are still at " the functioning age" like in their 60s and 70s. Discussing their future plans of health care.
  • Support comes in many shapes- If one person is chosen to be the primary care giver, the siblings should think about how they can indirectly, this can be helping with paperwork or finances.
  • Understanding the finance- Make sure to talk to a financial planner about financing your aging parents life.

Upside to care giving(:

Although the responsibilities can be a hand full, it's important to remember the rewards of the situation as well!