Lewis & Clark Journal

May 13, 1803 - May 15,1803

May 13, 1803

Dear diary,

Today we almost had a near disaster on the river. It was because of Toussaint's lack of boating skills that the boat was filled in water. Cruzzatte threatend to shoot Toussaint. I was so angry that I felt like that too. But know that I think about it,Cruzzatte might have been to serious about it.

May 14, 1803

Dear Diary,

Today We encountered a pack of wolves. These four legged beast are quiet vicious. This is the first time I have seen a wolf. The leader of the pack has blue eyes. They looked like calm animals but that was when I saw some blood stains on there teeth. When I showed Lewis the blood stains on the teeth. We soon departed from the area.

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May 15,1804

Dear Diary,

Today we have found the river impossible to pass. The waves are to ruff. I believe we will have to stay here till the river calms down.