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Updated 1-19-21

Dear LES Families,

We hope you all had a wonderful 3-day weekend! We are ready to get back to work. We are here if you need us.


Mrs. Marable

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We are so proud of our 2020-2021 LES Teacher of the Year!!!

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As you all know, we are moving forward with our 2020-2021 Yearbook. We are so excited about how it is coming along. We are also thrilled to announce the Fifth Grade Students' Artwork that will be displayed on the yearbook cover. We are proud of all of our Fifth Graders that participated in the contest.

Cover Artwork Winners!!!

Will Kerstiens

Kayla Thompson

David Miller

Addison Peay

Kinley Creasy

If you still need to purchase a yearbook, please go to:

January 20th

Presidential Inauguration Day

Students will be participating in viewing an important moment in our US History, the 2021 Presidential Inauguration.

January 22nd

Yearbook Make-up Photo Day

We will have photo make-up day for students that missed taking their photo in the fall on Friday, January 22nd.

Distance Learners will take their photo between 7:30am-8:00am. Please buzz the front office when you arrive.

In-person Learners will take their photo beginning at 8:00am.

January 22nd

Popsicle Party for First Semester Perfect Attendance

All students that have achieved perfect attendance for the First and/or Second Nine Weeks will participate in a Popsicle Party on Friday afternoon. Distance Learning Students with Perfect Attendance will receive a reward in the mail by the end of next week.

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Distance Learners Weekly Meal Pick-Up Change

Please email the cafeteria manager (Amber Hartley- by 8:00am on Thursday of the week prior to meal pick-up to inform them of the quantity of each meal being picked up. Breakfast and lunch are to be picked up at the same time. Parents must state how many of each meal they will need. The student(s) registered name must be provided. This will allow cafeteria managers to verify the student is in the system. Additionally, this will ensure we have the correct quantity of To-Go meals prepared.

Quarantining and School Transition to Distance Learning

If you have a child that will need to quarantine due to being a close contact or testing positive, please email the following staff: Mrs. Marable, Nurse Frost, and your child's teacher. We will respond with the next steps.

Anytime a student is placed on quarantine by the school, your child's teacher will contact you to let you know what materials are needed to pick-up and distance learning information. If you need a device, please always let us know.

If the school has to go to distance learning, we will always send information about how to pick up materials and lunch. Teachers will send out distance learning schedules. If you need more assistance during these times, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Upon returning to in-person learning, please return all devices and materials to the school.

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