America First Party

Est. April 15,2002

Why was America First created?

The America First Party was created in 2002 on April 15th with a focus to make all Americans first and preserve and protect our people and our sovereignty, promote economic growth and Independence, ensure equality before the law in protecting those right, encourage the traditional values of faith, family, and responsibility as well as clean up our corrupted political system.

Issues they frequently discuss

Chairman, Jonathan M. Hill, and the rest of the party mission to make awareness and support enforcement on todays society issues such as Foreign Policy, New World Order, Foreign Aid, Tax Reform, Second Amendment (Gun Control), Immigration, Church/State issues, and Small Federal Government.


1. Why was the party created?

The America First Party was created to fight for the return of America's nation to that ideal our forefathers bled and died to ensure.

2. Why do you think this third party has failed to gain the national support that the Republican and Democrat party have?

America First as failed to gain national support because America First wants to do away with international relations such as trading.

3. What are the party’s weaknesses?

Weaknesses that America First deal with is being a third party and not having much popularity with their traditional beliefs.

4. What are your party’s strengths?

The strengths with the America First Party is that they have some beliefs that are very universal and many people can relate to (ex: gun control)

Merle Haggard - America First