To Kill a Mockingbird Project

By. Garrison Williams 3rd period

Allusion 1

Quote: "All we had was Simon Finch, a fur-trapping apothecary from Cornwall whose piety was exceeded only by his stinginess."

Meaning: Cornwall is a place in Great Britain on a peninsula toward the Atlantic ocean. It is almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is very far away from the US.

Reason Allusion Is Used: It is used to show that Simon Finch lives far, far away. It also shows that he is the only ancestor that is far away, all the other Finch's live in Alabama or near. It also shows that it is far away that it would take a long time for him to get here.

Effect: The effect of this allusion on the books is that Simon Finch is so far away that scout be with him or be around him so that he is the only ancestor far away that is not in Alabama.

Allusion 2

Quote: "Reconstruction rule and economic ruin forced to the town to grow. It grew inward. New people so rarely settled there, the same families married the same families until the members of the community looked faintly alike."

Meaning: Reconstruction means that the US was reconstructing so that means that after the civil war they are rebuilding the south and fixing the north. It also means that people would force them to do things economic and physical so that means that they cant do anything but grow.

Reason Allusion Is Used: This allusion is used to show that this reconstruction is making them grow inward so much that the same families keep marring to make the whole town look the same.

Effect: This allusion effect on the story is that after so long of the same families marring the whole town/ a town could look the same. It also show that after you are being stuck in one town you don't really know any one but who is in the town.

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