Significant events in U.S. History



  • Political: During the Imdustrialization time period the populist party started a campaign against coorupt government powers. They did this because the people of the populist party (mostly farmers) were doing very poorly financially during this time. I'm proud of this because although America was shifting from rural to more urban they still percovered in keeping the farmers involved.
Economic: I am proud of the completion of the transcontinental railroad. This being because it aloud a huge growth economically in the U.S. It helped with manifest destiny, as well as direct growth in trade causing a production boom. It also made distribution cheaper, and traveling quicker.
Social/ cultural: Although the assimilation of the Indians seemed as if it were needed to better America, It is something I am not proud of. This is because It had taken away the Indians culture that had survived for many years, and replaced it with the new american way of life that the Indians did not agree with. They didn't have a choice or the freedom they deserved.


Political: I am ashamed of political machines/bosses because they dictated voting patterns and controlled many immigrants decisions. The typically associated in political corruptions to win an election.
Economic: Another thing I am not proud of in American history was the use of tenement houses. Due to immigration and mass urbanization worn down tenement houses were being used to keep immigrants. They were typically full of diseases and very unsanitary. This gave the new immigrants a bad first impression of their "dream land"
Social/cultural: I am proud of Jane Adams and her settlement house movement. A settlement house was like a community center made to help improve life for new immigrants. This helped the immigrants assimilate to the new culture easier without having as much struggles surviving.


Political: Something to not be proud of during Americas urbanization era was the major breakouts of labor unions and strikes. These breakouts were due to lack of rights given to workers, such as low wages, bad working conditions, and terribly long hours.
Economic: I am proud of captains of industry for improving their industry giving back to the country with philanthropy. They also revolutionized bushiness practices, for a more efficient way to run an industry. Captains of industry could also be robber barons though which I am not proud of because they committed economic crimes to get to the top.
Social/cultural: A movement In American urbanization I am proud of was the Grange movement. The grange movement started as a social network, that grew larger when conditions for farmers were tough. They fought against monopolies and other wrongs in society.


Political: I am proud of the meat inspection act passed by Theodore Roosevelt. Without the passing of this act Animals might not be properly inspected before consumed still, and factories could still be unsanitary as well as the meat itself.
Economic: Another act I am proud of during American progressiveness is the Sherman Anti trust act. This being because it prohibited trusts and monopolies as well as unlawful acts used by robber barons. This act helped america grow economically due to the illumination of illegal behaviors used in industry to illuminate competition.
Social/ cultural: I am proud of the woman's suffrage movement for granting woman social equality. I believe that american culture today would be less about freedom, liberty and equality, and more harsh If it weren't for the this movement that got the 19th amendment passed.
Suffrage Centennial Celebration - "The First Picket In Front of The White House"


Political: I am proud of the treaty of Portsmouth signed by Theodore Roosevelt for making peace between Russian and japan, and helping America look politically imperial.
Economic: I am proud of the making of the Panama Cannal because it made it quicker and much more efficient to travel, and it greatly affected trade, and production, over all bettering Americas economy.
Social/cultural: I am proud of the social Darwinism movement that went on during the imperialistic era in America. This being because it focused individuals on bettering themselves, giving America the hardworking reputation we have today.

World war 1

political: I am proud of Wilson's 14 points ( plan for peace), because these points helped the U.S politically by opening treaties, enforcing freedom of the seas, equal trade, self determination, league of nations and more.
economic: proud of war bonds because it helped both the U.S and Allied forces by supporting them economically.
Social/Cultural: I am proud of the league of nations for over all working towards maintaining world peace and preventing wars by using collective security.