Out of War

Wilfrido Himself

Wilfrido is a 17 year old boy who lives in Apartado, Colombia. His family is very poor and live in a shanty town in a barrio ( a Spanish speaking neighborhood.) His house is very poorly built. It is in a shanty town so like all the others, it is barley a shack. He is also surrounded by dangerous criminals and assassins.

Wilfrido's Home Life

These places are some examples of the place that Wilfrido lives in. Not only Wilfrido but many other children in Colombia live in places like this. Wilfido's house is surrounded by many dangerous assassins and criminals. Wilfrido was actually offered a spot in a clan near his house. He didn't accept but all of his friends did.
Wilfrido lives in Apartado, Colombia. Apartado is a very poor city in Colombia.There are many Barrios and poor sections of shanty towns. There are many other people that are in the same situation as Wilfrido in Apartado.

Wilfrido Fights for Change

Wilfrido realized that he was not the only poor family in his community. He saw that they too were suffering. He decided to change not only his life but many others in his home city of Apartado, Colombia.
Wilfrido has joined associations to help people in his community arise from poverty. He has raised money for the poor and has also pulled himself out of poverty.
Wilfrido hopes that all poor people are not poor and live a happy life!