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September 13, 2020

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What Are We Forgetting?

We realize there has been so much information communicated in such a short period of time. We also know that it is so easy to forget the simple things that make teaching and learning safe and effective. Here are some reminders for all of us (staff and families) as we shift into the next gear of the year. 1. We are still at the beginning. For our virtual students, Friday was the fourth day of school. Face to face students have had three home days and three in person days. Procedures and practices and schedules are still settling. We continue to troubleshoot technology issues. We are still assessing our children. We have not yet had a "normal" day. As I mentioned last week, we know you are doing your best and we are doing our best as well. It is still going to take a little while longer to find a rhythm in online and in person classes. Let's continue to be patient with ourselves and each other. 2. Safety is so important. Masks. Six feet apart. Cleaning and disinfecting. Know how to get in and out of your car. Make sure you have your car tags. Reduce exposure as much as possible. Communicate clearly. If you see something, say something. Arrive a little earlier than needed (virtually or face to face for instruction.) Prepare the night before to have everything ready to go. Say goodbye when your child gets out of the car and not as you drive away. (Little ones pay more attention to you than where they are going. They may run back to the car if you're continuing to say goodbye.) Keep them at home if they show symptoms. Inform Nurse Love or the teacher as needed. Our individual actions help keep ourselves safe and healthy and they have a huge impact on other students and staff members. Keep the greater good foremost in mind. 3. Access the resources available. Review the information already sent. Check your emails. Access the links below. Watch the help videos. (Our District Technology Webpage is here: Call the help lines. Call a friend. Contact the teacher when you can't find the answer. Access our food service opportunities. (Did you know all student meals are free through December 31 from the USDA? Did you know you can secure meals for the "at home days" and there are meal sites for virtual students throughout the district? For virtual students, go to and for students needing meals on their "at home days," contact your child's teacher or Mrs. Sonya McCrorey, our Cafeteria Manager, at During this stressful time, we want to provide all the support we can for each other. We cannot do it alone and help is available. 4. Take time to step back and have perspective. There is no question that the last few weeks have been hectic and stressful. We are constantly redefining what we do and how we do it. Change...any change is not easy. On my most difficult days, there always comes a reminder from the news or a passing conversation that my worst day is much better than someone else's best day. All too often, we over focus on the challenges and under focus on our blessings. A heart that is full of gratitude enables us to persevere and thrive. We need (and our children definitely need) models of hope and encouragement throughout this year. Let's commit ourselves to praising the good as much as we work through the challenges. We do that best when we come together as #One Team One Mission One Rock Hill.

Strength and Blessings to You

Mr. Maness, Principal

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School News

1. Monday Is an A Day--Monday is our first C Day and it will be an A Day. Monday, September 21 will be a B Day. See calendar below for complete schedule.

2. Attendance for Face to Face and Virtual Students--For face to face students on their "at home" days, fourth and fifth graders will record their attendance in Canvas. Parents, please remind your children to do this. For Kindergarten through Third Graders, their completed work will serve as their attendance for their "at home" days. For virtual students, they must attend morning and afternoon sessions to receive credit for attendance that day. You will need to follow the schedule your teachers have sent you.

3. Car Tags--Please be sure the person picking up your child has one. Parents need to bring ID to the office to pick up any additional tags. We want to be sure that only the approved people are picking up our children from school.

4. Makeups from MAP Testing--Will be this week for virtual and face to face students.

Need Technology Help? Click Here

This link provides resources to help with technology issues and questions.

All Parents--Mobile Computing Guide Parent Orientation

Click here for required information to secure your child's device for this year. This presentation and information is in English and Spanish.

New!! Online Version of the Mobile Computing Guide

Click here if you want to fill out the forms for the Online Mobile Computing Guide.

Need Tech Support? Call 803-324-8324

20-21 District Calendars in English and Spanish

Click here for dates for the Rock Hill School District.

Return to School Plan for Rock Hill School District

Click here for details about how we will start this school year.

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PTO and SIC Information

Parent Teacher Organization and School Improvement Council Update

The PTO serves to raise funds, coordinate volunteers and encourage teachers through appreciation activities. Click on the PTO Newsletter button below if you wish to receive the PTO Newsletter: PTO and SIC are tentatively planning to meet on the second Monday of each month next year. School Improvement Council meets at 5:30 (in the Fish Bowl) and our Parent Teacher Organization meets at 6:30 (in the Media Center.) Elections were held in the spring for these organizations but all parents are welcome to attend to help provide input and volunteer.

PTO Newsletter

Click here if you'd like to sign up for our PTO Newsletter.

School Calendar

September 14--A Day Students Come

September 21--B Day Students Come

September 28--A Day Students Come

October 5-B Day Students Come

October 12--A Day Students Come and Early Release Staff Development Day (Students will be released at 11:00)

October 19--Teacher Work Day

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