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Tech News for Thursday, 2/14/13

Happy Valentine's Day, Jordan!

We're back with more tech news, tips, and tricks in 2013.

Copyright Friendly Media

My students are working on a research project right now, and we are fighting the good fight of making sure all the media they include in their final presentations is copyright friendly (it's so hard, but so important!). Here's a GREAT resource for copyright friendly images and sounds for use in student projects.

Of course, even with copyright friendly media, students should still cite their sources!

TimesMachine from the NY Times

Looking for primary source documents? Look no further! TimesMachine can take you back to any issue from Volume 1, Number 1 of The New-York Daily Times, on September 18, 1851, through The New York Times of December 30, 1922. Choose a date in history and flip electronically through the pages, displayed with their original look and feel.

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker makes it easy to enhance, remix and share web video. Use your web browser to combine video and audio with content from the rest of the web — from text, links and maps to pictures and live feeds. This is an easy way to "flip" your instruction if you aren't comfortable with iMovie!

Just for Fun: Valentine's Day Logic Puzzle

Six boys each have a crush on Kate. Read the clues to find out what each boy gave her for Valentine’s Day. Mark an X in squares that cannot be the answer. Mark and O in squares that you are sure are the correct answer.
• Hugo gave Kate a gift that begins with the same letter as his name.

• Jack put his gift in a box and wrapped with pink wrapping paper.

• Desmond’s gift, which was not candy, smelled really good.

• Neither Jack nor Sawyer gave Kate something she can eat.

• Ben needed an oven to make his gift.