November 13th


We met Lily this week. Lily loves lions! She has a dollhouse where her family of lions live. Students should know how to write and identify the names and sounds of the letters c, o, g, a, d, s, and l. Using these letter students have been working to decode words. There are many words that we practiced reading throughout the week that use only these 7 letters. When using only the letters that the students have been taught explicitly students are able to build confidence in their ability to read. Please check to ensure that your kindergartener knows the names and sounds for these 7 letters and try reading some simple words using the 7 letters.
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We are wrapping up our Flat Shapes Unit. We spent time learning about many different shapes including, circle, oval, crescent, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon. We can identify these shapes and also tell the number of sides and vertices. Part of learning about these shapes includes understanding that regardless of the size or orientation the shape is still the same shape. We had some fantastic discussions about the similarities and differences between a square, rectangle, trapezoid, and rhombus. It was easier to distinguish a triangle from a square because of the number of sides and vertices, but it was interesting to hear a kindergartener's perspective of the differences between shapes with the same number of sides and vertices. It was also fun to point out that a triangle is still a triangle when turned not an "upside-down triangle."

One of the most challenging aspects of this unit was teaching how to draw the different shapes. Some shapes are much easier to draw than other shapes. In order to help students draw the shapes they brainstormed ideas of how to use the shapes we already learned how to draw in order to create the more challenging shapes. For example, we noticed that a trapezoid can be made out of two right triangles and a square. Then, we could make a trapezoid. When making a hexagon, we noticed that we could use two trapezoids or six triangles.

As we continued to review the shapes we created some Shape Robots! Here are some of our creations using many different shapes!
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We are working to finalize our narratives. Students have been ensuring that the pages are in the correct order and that the story makes sense. We will begin new narratives while sharing our finished product!
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Standards Based Report Cards

Report Cards will be coming home on Monday! Each area on the report card states a skill/standard that the students are expected to achieve by the end of kindergarten. We give an indicator or grade that shows your child's current level of ability when progressing toward the standard. We do not expect students to receive MTG (meeting) until the end of kindergarten. If students demonstrate that they have met the standard prior to the end of the year they will begin working toward a higher level standard. (Sometimes a 1st grade standard.) In the first quarter, most students will receive a DEV (developing) or BEG (beginning) score because we will continue to work to meet the standard throughout the school year. I will be able to share more information at Parent-Teacher Conferences on November 23rd and 24th! I look forward to seeing you then!

Woodridge District 68 Mission Statement

In partnership with family and community, Woodridge School District 68 will provide a comprehensive educational foundation for all children in a safe, caring environment, preparing them to be productive, responsible, and successful members of society.