Aphrodite's Elite

Newsletter 1st Edition January'16

Introduction to Aphrodite's Elite Mary Kay Singapore

Aphrodite's Elite was born on Christmas Eve 2015. After 3.5 months of challenges & emotional roller coaster, the Elites were finally born due to much courage, help & determination. But in this journey, there were many valuable lessons learnt which made us grow. I have to extend my gratitude to all of you ladies here. Without you, none of these is possible. We are now officially listed in Mary Kay Singapore as a Single Unit. With love & support i believe we can be among the TOP.
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Aphrodite is a Greek Goddess of love & beauty. Everyone that crosses her path will love her. Therefore, i chose Aphrodite was because i want everyone in this unit to be greatly blessed with love by their spouses, children, and friends.

SAVE THE DATE! Official opening ceremony of A.Elites & SD Kimiie Debut Party

Saturday, Jan. 30th, 2pm

International Plaza Singapore

Theme : White, Gold, Silver

White dress, accessories in gold or silver.

Event in Decmeber 2015- JB DREAM DAY

Recognition for Queen of Sales December 2015

Queen Of Sharing December 2015

January Promotoions

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Skinvigorate brush is good for all skin type. Especially people with acne problem, it will help cleanse pores 4x cleaner then your fingers can. The purple brush is Limited Edition! Grab fast!
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Monthly Ordering Bonus

Order 600 points onward in a single receipt and receive free gifts!
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Ladder Of Success 1Jan-31March

Be a Star Consultant and achieve awesome gifts exclusive from Mary Kay.

Accumulate 2400-6000 points in 3 months.


2400 points : 800 points per month

200 points per week


3600 points : 1200 points per month

300 points per week


4800 points : 1600 points per month

400 points per week


6000 Points : 2000 points per month

500 points per week

Aim for the moon and fall on the stars! U can do it!

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For Beauty Consultants who has not enrolled for ESRS (Essential Steps to Reach Success) Please register yourself on intouch online registration the coming 22-23JAN or 20-21FEB to get your business started! <3

SD Kimberly Kwek

If there is any questions on the career path or how to create more sales, do feel free to text me personally! XOXO lots of love! See you on our first A.Elites party on Jan 30 2016! Good Luck for January!