Documentary: The Interrupters

Stop the Violence in Chicago!


The Interrupters is a well put together documentary that got people to try and stop the violence in Chicago by using the audience's feelings and showing how difficult the violence can be to deal with.


The purpose of this documentary is to make people more aware of the violence in Chicago. After watching this, the audience should want to go out and do something to help. It does a good job using the audience's feelings to promote action.

My Examples:

Was the purpose accomplished?

Yes, the purpose of this documentary was accomplished. Example one helped to remind the audience what they should do. Example two made the audience feel bad for the people in that situation. And Example three got the audience to want to do something about it.


This documentary impacted the audience by using their feelings to get them to realize that we need to stop the violence. The significance of the end to violence is clarified through the ways the director catches the audience's attention. Overall, the Interrupters was a really good documentary and did a great job accomplishing it's purpose.