Take Away Homework

Year 1 Superheroes

Design your own superhero (devise, make, produce)

Think about fictional and real life superheroes (e.g. coast guard, nurses) - what makes someone a superhero?

Design your own superhero, thinking about what they will look like but also what makes them super.

How will you present your superhero? You decide.

Story teller (research, create, synthesise)

What do we mean by amazing?

Think about an amazing person (real or fictional) - can you make up and tell a story about what makes them amazing / something they have done that is amazing?

Can you use some interesting adjectives (describing words) to make your story more interesting. Use as much description as you can.

You decide how you would like to present your story - do you want to retell it? write it? draw? animate? you choose any way you would like.

Real life heroes (discuss, explain)

Can you think of a real life superhero (e.g. coast guard, nurse). How many can you think of? Can you tell me more? How will you find out more about these peoples jobs?

You decide how you would like to present your information: could you make a poster / information sheet / video report (or any other way you think suitable).