Nov. & Dec. Book of the Month

A Fine Dessert

About the Book

This delicious story follows four families as they work together to make a favorite dessert. The cool part is that each family is making the same dessert one hundred years apart! Follow along every step of the way from picking the berries, to whipping the cream, to licking the bowl clean!

Watch the Book Trailer Here

The Challenge

  1. Pick up a recipe template paper from your teacher or from Mrs. Wagner in the library.
  2. Talk to people in your family about favorite family recipes.
  3. Pick one recipe that is special to your family.
  4. Copy the recipe onto the recipe template paper very carefully (an adult can do this if necessary).
  5. Write why the recipe is special (an adult can do this if necessary).
  6. Bring the recipe template paper back to school by November 17th and give it to your teacher or have your grandparent bring it when they come for Grandparents Day!
Big picture


  • Throughout the weeks until Winter Break, students will take turns telling about their recipes and family stories with their class.
  • Grandparents and Grandfriends Day is November 17th. Since recipes are steeped in tradition, we would like to invite all of our guests on Grandparent’s Day to help share a favorite family recipe and explain why it is a special part of your family’s legacy. We can't wait to hear your memories and stories about your recipe!

We are looking forward to celebrating Families-past and present!