Volunteering in Armidale

How volunteering impacts social sustainability.

Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability is the ability of a community to develop processes and structures which not only meet the needs of its current members but also support the ability of future generations to maintain a healthy community.

Volunteering oppotunities in Armidale

The types and oppotunities to involve yourself in

there are numerous volunteering oppotunities to volunteer in Armidale. these consist of organisations such as 'Vincent de Paul' and other life line shops. These provide families with prescious resources such as clothes and household goods.

Another type of oppotunity available is the Armidale Infomation Center. this is important, due to many tourists who travel through Armidale visit to see what types of activities are available throughout the Armidale region.

How does this impact the Armidale Region?

This is important to the Armidale area, because of how people in and around may rely on these organisations. without these organisations, individual parts and areas of the Armidale region would fall apart at the seems. So in reality, this is one of the things that keeps Armidale running.