My Hero From Afar

Paul Walker

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Paul Walker

Date of Birth: September,12,1973

Past Away: November,30,2013

Where did he live: San Fernando Valley

Interesting Facts

  1. He was 40 when he died
  2. Paul Walker might be away but never forgotten
  3. Paul Walker life change when he started fast and furious

How he changed the world

Walker, who died on Saturday at 40 in a car crash in Valencia, Calif., was the dreamboat of choice for a generation of girls (and some boys) raised on “Saved by the Bell” and the WB Network. It’s no coincidence that he starred in two back-to-back films with “Dawson’s Creek” alumni. In 1999’s “Varsity Blues,” he’s the cocky quarterback in the football drama headlined by James Van Der Beek. A year later, he played a member of a Yale-like secret society in “The Skulls” opposite Joshua Jackson.

What i liked about him

I liked about him that he was a risk taker and that he maid ever movie enjoyable well everbody does but mostly him

To be honest i was in love with him