RCS Testing Newsletter

Fall 2022

A Word From Your Testing Department. . .

Please use this newsletter to empower and inform you about testing in NC and Rockingham County Schools so that you are able to help your child reach his/her full academic potential. The information here will highlight important dates, test taking tips and general information about various tests given throughout the year.

During this school year, your child will take a variety of tests. If you need more information, your child's teacher and principal can also help you to understand standardized tests. Standardized tests provide a common measure of student performance. A standardized test contains the same set of questions and is given under the same conditions to different groups of people. The answers are scored in the same manner. These tests are designed by commercial publishers or state committees and use state curriculum as their foundation.

Below are descriptions of some of the common assessments we administer at RCS.

Testing Calendar 2022 - 2023


Additional information regarding testing may be found at the NCDPI link below:

Testing Department Staff

Jason Hyler, Director of Testing & Accountability

Suzanne Lee, Assistant Director of Testing

Mary Doggett, Math/Science Lead Teacher

Tricia Pearson, Department Secretary