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Musical Websites With Games and Activities

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (account needed):

Folk Music Around the World:

Classics for Kids- Games, Lessons, and more:

MusicTechTeacher Games and Quizzes:

YouTube Channels With Music Lessons and Videos

Online piano!

Play some piano on your computer screen!

Online Piano for Kids:

For Older Kids/Adults:


Music and art make a great pair!

Turn on some music, grab some paper and coloring supplies, and start creating! Let the music you listen to guide your ideas. If you hear loud sounds, make your picture big and bright. If you hear quiet sounds, make your picture small and peaceful. If you hear certain instruments, maybe draw what that instrument sounds like or looks like. Here are some previous art examples:
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Write your own song lyrics!

You can either come up with your own words from the start, or take one of your favorite songs and re-write the words so the song if about something else! Make sure to send your lyrics to Mrs. May if you'd like to!
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Outdoor music!

The music of the great outdoors is something we don’t get to talk about a lot in music class in school. There are so many different sounds outside! Sit outside (whether in your yard, on your doorstep, open your window, or go to a park) and write down all the different sounds you hear. Even if you sit outside for 5 minutes, you will hear many different sounds. Listen for animals, people, cars, and other outdoor sounds. Make a list of what you hear. You might be surprised at what you hear when you stop and listen!

I've included a link to a Padlet below, where you can share some of the outdoor sounds you hear!

Play-doh musical fun!

Use some supplies you have around your home to create different musical symbols! Things you could use are pencils, crayons, play doh, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, string… be creative! Here are some symbols you can create: