Megan Miller

English 2

Hobbies and Activities

My hobbies include running, basketball and reading. The activities that I am involved in at school are cross country, basketball and track.

Schools I Have Attended

I went to Union Valley Elementary school from kindergarten to third grade. From fourth to sixth grade I went to Prosperity Elementary school and then for seventh and eighth grade I attended Prairie Hills Middle School and then on to Buhler High School. My favorite teacher in elementary school was Mrs. Wilson, my second grade teacher. My favorite memory was when I was in third grade we took a field trip to Oswald's Ponds and I went fishing with my dad! For college I would like to attend Hutchinson Community College for two years and after I graduate from there I would like to attend either Wichita State University or Kansas State University.
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In my family I have my mom named Carrie, my dad, Mike and two sisters named Kerry and Katelin and one brother named Shane. On my dad's side of the family I have two aunts and one uncle. One of my aunts lives in Oregon and the other lives near Salina. My uncle and my other aunt live in Clearwater, KS. On my mom's side of the family I have three uncles. Two of them live in Washington State and the other one lives in Oklahoma. My grandma lives here in Hutchinson and my grandpa and his wife live in Chapman, KS.
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A picture of a family tree representing all of my family and extended family.

Fun Photos

Heath Concerns

I don't have any health concerns.

Contact Information

The best way to get in contact with my family is by emailing my mom at or by calling her cell phone which is (620) 200-3757 or by calling my dad's cell number which is (620) 727-7496.