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February 8, 2016

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Week in Review...

West Goshen Way Assembly

2nd Grade Reading Camp

It is so neat to see volunteers who come to read to and with our 2nd grade students every Tuesday and Thursday. The time they give to help our students is so much appreciated! What a great after school program!!

Lesson Plans

Just a reminder that your lesson plans need to be sent to me before you leave Friday OR by 7:30 am Monday morning (some of you like to have the weekend to prepare them - which is totally fine).

Also, remember that the expectation is that guided reading is happening in each classroom. In order for us to reach our school goal, quality reading instruction has to be happening. I will be popping in during reading block times to see how things are going. This gives me a chance to see the great instruction that is happening, what tweaks need to be made in scheduling, and how our students are moving toward our school goal!

TLT Update

This past week in TLT we used what we learned from our coaching the coach session with post conferences and have integrated that learning into coaching others in cluster or in follow-up situations! It has been great to watch each other leading post conferences and giving each other feedback! Thanks to all of you who have allowed us to videotape your post conference! It has been a great learning experiences for all of us!

This coming week we are going to dig into our NWEA numbers to see how we are progressing toward our school goal. We will make some goals moving forward so we can accomplish our overall school goal by the end of the year!

Grade Level Planning

It is important that you have a weekly set planning time for your grade level team. Please send me the day/time that your grade level team meets each week. That way, if I need to tell a grade level something OR you would like me to come to one of your planning sessions, I can get them on the calendar.

Staffing for 2016-17

We are entering the time of looking at staffing for next year. I will be working through what that will look like based on enrollment, IB implementation, etc. with Dr. Woodworth in the next few weeks. Let me know if you are considering a change in grade levels/positions. That will help me as I work through all positions next year.

5th grade May Madness Basketball

Below is a note from GHS boy's basketball coach, Brian Bechtel - LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! :)

Elementary Principals,

It is time for us to start organizing our 5th Grade “May Madness” Basketball League for boys, as well as for girls. I’m copying Coach Krebs as well, since he’ll be organizing it from the girls side. This program will run for three weeks in May only. In the past we ran this program for four weeks but with this year’s calendar we do not want it to carry over into the last week of school. Therefore, we’d like to allow coaches to practice three times per week if they would like, but only practice for two weeks rather than three weeks.

Here is a schedule we are proposing:

· May 2-6, practice 2 or 3 times

· May 9-13, practice 2 or 3 times

· May 17 & 20, boys tournament & consolation games (at GHS), 6:00 & 7:00

· May 16 & 19, girls tournament & consolation games (at GHS), 6:00 & 7:00

The first thing we need to do is get our list of coaches. Please email myself and/or Coach Krebs with the name of a person in your building that would volunteer to coach the team. We really encourage a staff member to get involved as it builds great community for your school. This person helps recruit players and communicate with the students. If you do not have a staff member willing to do it please let us know so we can work on recruiting coaches for your team.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from each of you soon.

Mark your calendars...

Sugar Grove Church is planning a "Teacher Appreciation Night" for the entire staff here at West Goshen. This is going to take place on March 3rd from 3:15-5:00 pm here at West Goshen. They would like to pamper all of us and show their appreciation for all the hard work you do day in and day out!

A sad good-bye...

I am writing this section with mixed emotions! Jim Whittaker will be leaving us in just a few weeks. I am happy for him because he is moving on to a job that he has wanted for a long, long time. Unfortunately for us, it is in Kansas. Jim has accepted a full time coaching position at Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas. Jim's last day at West Goshen will be February 18th. Please join me in wishing Jim all the best in his new career move. We will miss you, Jim!

Central Office Updates:

Admin Cabinet Newsletter

Week of February 1, 2016

Today’s Focus: Teams

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
– Andrew Carnegie

Reflections to Guide Your Journey

What is your personal and/or professional vision?

How do you communicate this vision effectively to others? How can you improve this?

How does your personal vision align with your team or organization?


These links were put together by my colleagues down in Southern Indiana and your staff may find them very resourceful. All items are from the doe website, however they are in a user-friendly format. They work best in the browser format.

Lisa Dercach

Outreach Coordinator-Region 7

Indiana Department of Education

ISTEP Grade 3-8


ISTEP Grade 10 newsletter


CPR/AED Class Offered

Susan Stiffney will be teaching a CPR/AED class on Feb 17 at Goshen High School from 4 to 5 pm. It costs $20. If you are interested, please email sstiffney@goshenschools.org

There will be 2 more classes in May.

TAP Updates

Administrators and Master Teachers: Due to the many training events and other priorities during the month of February and March, we will NOT be meeting as a District Leadership Team. Instead, we are hoping that you will use the next several weeks to continue to apply your new learning related to cluster, evaluations, and differentiation. Pattie and Erin will continue to coach and support master teachers. Angela, Alan and Tammy will work to support administrators in these efforts. Thanks for all your work to sustain TAP with fidelity!

TELL Survey: Once again we will be gathering survey information from educators across the district using the TELL survey. The process will be the same, although it is likely that the communication will come for the administration office instead of from CELL. The survey window for 2016 will be: April 11 – May 16th. Mark your calendars!

Upcoming Dates:



7:30 - Data Meetings
3:05-4:30 - TLT meeting

STI Window - 6 week assessments (If snow days are used, Ext. Response window will be Feb. 16 & 17)

Before School - Related Arts Cluster

11th: No School - if not used for snow make-up day

No School - if not used for snow make-up day

No School - President's Day

16th: (Follow the Monday specials times but Tuesday class schedule)
7:30 - Data Meetings
Before School - Related Arts Cluster
After School - 4th/5th Grade Cluster

Before School - K/1st Grade Cluster
After School - 2nd/3rd Grade Cluster

3:05-4:30 - TLT meeting
6:00 - Fine Arts Program at GMS (Program starts at 6:30)

8:45-10:30 - Principal's meeting (Lori gone)

7:30 - Data Meetings
3:05-4:30 - TLT meeting

Before School - Related Arts Cluster
After School - 4th/5th Grade Cluster

Before School - K/1st Grade Cluster
After School - 2nd/3rd Grade Cluster

9:00 - Staffing Meeting with Dr. Woodworth (Lori gone)
5-7 pm - PTO McTeacher Night

ISTEP+ Part 1 Window Opens Feb. 29-March 11
3:00 - TLT meeting

Before School - Related Arts Cluster
After School - 4th/5th Grade Cluster

Before School - K/1st Grade Cluster
After School - 2nd/3rd Grade Cluster