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Mrs. Richardson's and Mrs. Dorothy's Kindergarten Class

January 19-23, 2015

GAPSS Review

Last Thursday a team of professional educators conducted a Georgia Assessment Of Performance on School Standards (GAPSS) review. As with all teachers in the school, I had 4 in-class observations and 1 interview. The observers came in, observed my lessons and spoke to the students. We will not receive an official report on the review for a couple of weeks, but preliminary reports are that Ruth Hill did very well. The observers who came into my class were very complimentary of the students for their academic performance and engagement. I was very pleased with the way they interacted with our visitors and very proud of them.

Using our new iPad

Last week we had a chance to look at and use our new iPad. The students are learning how to use it for research. We started working on a report on Martin Luther King, Jr. and hope to finish it up this week. I hope to post it on line for you to see when it is finished.
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Meet Our New Student

We had another new student join our class last week. We are please to welcome Demetrius Jones and his family to Ruth Hill Elementary and to our classroom.

Scholastic Book Orders

I will include a Scholastic Book Order form in the agendas this week. Please look over them. You can either place an order with me or order on line. Please have orders in by next Friday, January, 30.

Homework This Week

Every night
  • Sight Words: four, get, who
  • APTT Sorting activities

Wednesday: Writing Homework

Thursday: Math

APTT Homework Due Friday

What's Going On At Ruth Hill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .January 19 - February 6

January 19-23

Monday, January 19

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (no school)

January 26-30

Monday, January 26

  • School Council Meeting, 5:00-6:00
  • Dairy Queen Spirit Night

February 2-6

Tuesday, February 3

  • Starlite Spirit Night

Thursday, February 5

  • PTO Valentine's Dance, 6-8

What's Going on in Class This Week . . January 19-16

Spelling /Sight Words: four, get, who

Math: Measurement and Numbers

Social Studies: Winter

Letter of the Week: E,e

APTT sorting homework is due on Friday. Please be sure to explain your answers.

Spelling, Reading, and Sight Word Test on Friday

Science - We will finish up our winter unit this week. We’ve learned about all the fun things you can do in the winter (if we only had snow!!) and what animals and plants do in the winter.

Math - We started our measurement unit. The first thing we learned is that everything has several attributes that can be measured. Height, Length, Weight and Capacity are the attributes of an object.


This week we had 4 students who passed their sight word levels. Derek passed level 3, Hunter, Jayden and Demetrius all passed level 5. Way to go guys!
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Mrs. Richardson's Golden Apples


Congratulations to these students who got a Perfect Score on ALL of their ELA tests.

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Derrius, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Patience


Perfect Score/Spelling Test

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Derrius, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Patience, Hunter,

Perfect Score on Sight Word Test

  • Samantha, Derrius, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Caleb, Nevaeh, Hunter, Demetrius, Erica, Patience

Perfect Score on Letter Sound Test:

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Derrius, Malcom, Natalie, Micah, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Demetrius, Destiny, Erica, Patience,

Perfect score on Reading:

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Derrius, Jayden,Natalie, Micah, Caleb, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Hunter, Demetrius, Destiny, Erica, and Patience

MATH ASSESSMENTS; Students who have MASTERED (PASSED 3 TESTS) these skills

Counting and Cardinality

CC1 Counting to 100

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Derrius, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Destiny, Erica, Patience

CC2 Counting forward from any given number 0-100

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Derrius, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Erica, Patience


CC5 Answering "How many objects are there?" Numbers 0-20

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Hunter, Destiny, Erica, Patience,

CC6 Comparing number of objects in a group (less than, more than, equal to)

CC7 Comparing two written numbers between 0-20

  • Micah, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Destiny, Erica, Patience

Place Value

NBT 1 Composing and Decomposing numbers 11-29


MD1 Describe Measurable attribute of an object

MD2 Comapre 2 objects with a measurable attribute in common (Passed 2nd Test)

Jaylen, Samantha, Derrius, Jayden, Natalie, Destiny, Erica, Patience

100 Days Smarter

Thursday we had a great time celebrating the 100th day of school. We finished up our 100th Day hat, competed in a 100 cup challenge, made a 100 cheerio necklace, wrote about what we would do with 100 dollars, learned about the 100's place value, counted to 100, and by using an Aging App on our new iPad, we got to look into the future to see what we would look like in 100 years!

Do You Recognize These 100 Year Old Kindergarteners?

Working on Our 100 Days Smarter Hat

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Making a 100 Cheerio Necklace

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Working on the 100 Cup Challenge

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What Would You Do With 100 Dollars?

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