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Nebraska was once called The Great American Desert. Nebraska is the birth place of Reuben sandwich. Nebraska has the U.S's largest aquifer (underground water/water supply),the Ogalala aquifer. Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state. Origian of Nebraska's Name:From an Oto Indian word meaning flat water

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State Abbreviation: NE

Capitol: Lincoln,Nebraska

Largest City: Omaha

Population: 1.869 million

Name for Residents: Nebraskans
State Nickname: Cornhusker State

State Motto: Quality Before The Law

State Bird: Western Meadowlark

State Flower: Goldenrod

State Tree: Cotton Tree

State Song: Beautiful Nebraska
Beautiful Nebraska - Official Video

State flag

The state flag of Nebraska is Nebraska State Flag
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Location of Nebraska

Top ten cash crops in Nebraska

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Nebraska Top 10 Cash Crops

RankCropUnitPlanted Area
(000) AcresHarvested Area
(000) AcresYield Per AcreProduction
(000) Units1997 Street Price Per Unit
DollarsValue of Production
(000) Dollars

1Corn for GrainBu9,000.008,725.001321,151,700$2.550$2,936,835

2Soybeans for BeansBu3,500.003,450.0041141,450$6.400$905,280

3Hay, AllTonN/A3,200.002.036,505$77.500$504,138

4Sorghum for GrainBu9007508261,500$4.000$246,000

5Wheat, AllBu2,000.001,900.003770,300$3.250$228,475

6Beans, All Dry EdibleCwt1901802,060.003,708$18.600$68,969

7Potatoes, AllCwt2423.63909,204$6.350$58,445




Nebraska Poultry Industries Convention

2014 Nebraska Poultry Industries Convention
February 19-20, 2014
Norfolk, Nebraska

What is the NPI Convention?

The Nebraska Poultry Industries convention includes two days of educational programs, spouse program, optional luncheons and banquets, entertainment, raffle prizes, and a great time for all! The home-style turkey dinner served the first evening, finished off by quality entertainment, is always a big hit. The raffle prize drawing the second evening is becoming a popular tradition

Approximately 250 producers, processors, allied representatives, spouses, and other interested persons attend annually. Time is specifically allotted for making business contacts. Our format of not having exhibits allows commercial firm sales representatives more time to mingle and make contact with other attendees. Attendance at educational sessions is encouraged. The educational committee has made every attempt to address current issues of interest and keep the educational programs practical for maximum benefit to producers.

For more information contact: or 402-472-2051

Famous people from Nebraska

Grace Abbott social worker, Grand Island
Grover Cleveland Alexander baseball pitcher, Saint Paul
Fred Astaire dancer, actor, Omaha
Max Baer boxer, Omaha
Bil Baird puppeteer, Grand Island
George Beadle geneticist, Wahoo
Marlon Brando actor, Omaha
Warren Buffett investor, Omaha
Dick Cavett TV entertainer, Gibbon
Montgomery Clift actor, Omaha
James Coburn actor, Laurel
Sandy Dennis actress, Hastings
Mignon Eberhart author, Lincoln
Harold Edgerton inventor, Fremont
Ruth Etting singer, actress, David City
Henry Fonda actor, Grand Island
Gerald Rudolph Ford U.S. president, Omaha
Jay W. Forrester inventor, Climax
Bob Gibson baseball player, Omaha
Hoot Gibson actor, Tememah
Howard Hanson composer, conductor, Wahoo
Leland Hayward producer, Nebraska City
David Janssen actor, Naponee
Susette La Flesche artist, Omaha
Francis La Flesche ethnologist, Omaha
Frank W. Leahy football coach, O'Neill
Malcolm X civil rights advocate, Omaha
Irish McCalla actress, Pawnee City
Dorothy McGuire actress, Omaha
Nick Nolte actor, Omaha
Roscoe Pound educator, legal scholar, Lincoln
Red Cloud Indian rights advocate, leader
Mari Sandoz author, Sheridan Cty
Standing Bear Indian rights advocate, leader
Inga Swenson actress, Omaha
Robert Taylor actor, Filley
Paul Williams singer, composer, actor, Omaha
Don Wilson announcer, Lincoln
Julie Wilson singer, actress, Omaha
Darryl F. Zanuck film producer, Wahoo

Fun places to go in Nebraska

Nebraska is known as the land of corn and cattle, boasting large empty spaces but you’d be surprised to learn that Nebraska isn’t just cornfields and cowboy towns. Nebraska boasts, in fact, many historic landmarks such as forts, pristine state parks and cultural attractions such as the Great Platte River Road Archway Museum which is built over Interstate 80.

First on my list of interesting places to visit in Nebraska it’s the city of Lincoln which is the capital city of Nebraska. Lincoln is a great starting point for a vacation in Nebraska because of the variety of things to see and do.

If you’re interested in marveling architecture and enjoying history tours, don’t mist visiting the Nebraska State Capitol. The Capitol boasts stunningly beautiful architecture, as well as free guided tours that include a visit to the top-floor observation deck.

Lincoln also boasts a Children’s Zoo and a Children’s Museum which a fun places to take the family for a day out.


Located between the cities of Lincoln and Omaha, the town of Ashland is another place you'd want to add to the list of interesting places to visit in Nebraska because of the Strategic Air and Space Museum. If you’ve been to other aviation museums such as the Tulsa Air & Space Museum in Oklahoma, you’d love the look and feel of the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland.

Historical monuments in Nebraska

Nebraska has three national monuments within its borders.

Although there are 10 national historic sites in Nebraska, only three are classified as national monuments by the National Parks Guide. The monuments are the Scotts Bluff National Monument, a geological marker that helped pioneers follow routes to the West; the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, which features the preserved bones of prehistoric mammals; and the Homestead National Monument of America that celebrates one of the most ambitious efforts to settle the Midwest, the Homestead Act.

Mark Orton - Their Pie
The video above is a video of music people listen to in Nebraska

Summary of Nebraska

Nebraska is a beautiful state you can grow crops plant flowers. There is beautiful music to listen to. There is a huge population so you can make lots of friends so you never feel lonely. There is a lot of fun places to go and have fun, and you can go on vacation. A lot of famous people have lived in Nebraska. HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR FUN TRIP TO NEBRASKA!!!!