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SUMMER EDITION /Issue 15/July12, 2020


We are hearing great stories about how families are enjoying the Summer Journey of Faith and embracing this diocesan-wide exploration! We'd love to hear about your journey! Pictures of your family trying out some of the Summer Journey of Faith activities can be sent to our email at

This week, we begin the exploration of some of Jesus' most famous parables. This particular, timeless type of story was a favorite of our Lord; how can you apply the message of the story to your own lives today?

We encourage you to visit our Seeing with the Eyes of God website by clicking on the yellow button above and to check out this week's "Trip Planner" below. This week's video is a combination of the scripture story AND a great science experiment called INSTA SNOW! Remember, it is never too late to start the journey! This is a self-paced experience that lasts all summer long for you to enjoy on your schedule!



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St. Kateri’s hope in union with God brought her to seek baptism even when her tribe was against it. She had trust that God’s plan for her was separate from her village.

What Is It?

Desire and trust for divine union & eternal happiness.

Trust and confidence in God’s plan.

Hope is the opposite of despair.

Live It Out!

At meals, tell God (and one another?) what you hope is going to happen after the meal. How do your hopes point toward union with God?

If something goes apart from your plan, ask what good might come from it? How can it lead to happiness in the long run?


The Dismissal Rite

The English name for our Liturgy (Mass) comes from the Latin dismissal (Ite, missa est). It is a sending, literally meaning, “Go, She (the Church) has been sent.” We are sent from the Mass to be the Church in the world, and example to others we meet. St. Kateri showed her faith to others in very real ways, and so can we, simply by living in the Christian hope that we are united even when separated.

When you leave somewhere (a room, a house, a store) consider how you can bring hope to the next place you go?


Prayer to the Lily of the Mohawks

Blessed Kateri, you are revered as the mystic of the American wilderness. Though orphaned at the age of four, and left with a scarred face and damaged eyesight from illness, you were esteemed among the Mohawk tribe. When you asked to be baptized a Christian you subjected yourself to abuse by your people and were forced to run away. You endured may trials but still flowered in prayer and holiness, dedicating yourself totally to Christ. I ask you to be my spiritual guide along my journey through life. Through your intercession, I pray that I may always be loyal to my faith in all things. Amen.


Working with your hands can be a great way to calm your body and mind. The obvious choice for this time of year is gardening and getting your hands in the dirt. However, if you don't have the space or love for this, you may want to consider other hands-on activities. Choose a familiar activity that you don't have to think too much about. This helps your brain to decompress and rest a bit. Consider cleaning, making art or crafting, fixing things, organizing, or baking/cooking a familiar recipe. These tasks provide you with a sense of accomplishment and hopefully an escape from your stressful thoughts!


The feast of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American to be named a saint, is on July 14th. She is the patron of the environment and people persecuted for their faith. Sharing a meal together is a great time to talk and learn more about St. Kateri and how we can follow her example to lead a holy life. Here are two authentic Native American dishes, and also a a sweet treat.

St. Kateri Recipes


Take a nature hike with your family. Wegmans has created the Hit the Trail Passport to encourage getting out to one of the trails! Click here for more information:

Want to take a virtual adventure somewhere while you are walking?? Try: This app takes you to faraway destinations through your steps. You can add to the fun by learning something about your destination!

Photo by James Wheeler; UNSPLASH


For children: On That Day: A Book of Hope for Children By Andrea Patel

This heartwarming book helps you to discuss why bad things happen in the world and how everyone, children alike, can be the helpers to make the world a better place.

For teens: The Crystal Snowstorm By Meriol Trevor (available electronically). 13 year old Catherine is swept up into adventure during a tumultuous time in her grandfather's country.

Longitude by Dava Strobel

John Harrison, enters the story in 1727, with his idea of determining longitude by time rather than star charts. He was a self-taught clockmaker of unusual talent and intelligence, who threw himself into the challenge of building a timepiece that would not be affected by wave, storm, or atmosphere.

Check out this sweet story with a great character building message for children:

"If You Plant a Seed" 🐰 Story Time With Michele! 🐰Story time for kids (read aloud)

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