3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending May 8, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Adams

PARCC Testing is OVER!! Hooray! I was so proud of the kids for working so hard and staying calm during the testing period! Way to go, 3A!!

I hope you all had a very Happy Mother's Day and I especially hope that your children treated you with kindness, love and respect on your special day (and always!) :) And I hope you enjoyed your "People Magazine... Mom of the Year" article, written with love by your child!

We seem to be missing a chapter book "The Mouse and the Motorcycle", which we are reading during guided reading groups. If you noticed that your child accidentally brought it home, could you please have them bring it back so we can use it in class? Thank you!

Parent Survey

If you could please take a few minutes to fill out a brief (9 question) parent survey about this school year, it would really help me reflect upon the year, as well as help me become the best teacher I can! Thank you for your input!

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Mother's Day People Magazines: Mother of the Year!

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Rockin' Writing!

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Rockin’ Writing

by Jack W, Max & Keelan

This week in writing we are making fairy tales. We got to create our own fairy tales based on two fairy tales: Little Red Riding Hood and Three Billy Goats Gruff. We are changing the characters, setting, problem and solution. For example, Jack changed the 3 billy goats gruff into 3 elephants. Max changed his setting from a rural area to an urban area. Keelan changed his problem from Little Red Riding Hood running into a wolf to his main character, Enormous Black Cape Boy running into a little tiny mouse.

Writing the fairy tales is a blast! We can’t wait to continue writing them! We are excited to share them with you when we are all done!

I Love You the Purplest

Some of you may have received an "I Love You the Purplest (or other color)" book on Mother's Day... other's will be bringing it home within the next few weeks (maybe Father's Day, or just because). I'd like to take a minute to explain what this project was.

I read a story aloud called "I Love You the Purplest" about a mom who tells her two sons she loves them both the reddest and bluest, and then says similes about how much she loves them. For example, she says "I love you as blue as the mist of a waterfall".

Your children were asked to choose a color and write a list of everything they think of in that color. Then, we created similes for each word they used to describe the color. (ie. I love you as pink as a butterfly's wing as it flutters over me). Finally, we wrote introductions and conclusions to our stories.

We ended by taking our stories to the computer lab and typing them in a Word document, printing them, and decorating them.

I hope you enjoyed reading these beautifully written books! Your children certainly had a lot of fun writing them!


Social Studies Communities

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by Jack T, Brady, and Jeffrey

This week in Mrs. Adams class we have been working on a project in Social Studies. We have been learning about communities and Mrs. Adams told us that we now get to make our own. We did that by getting into groups. We got booklets with the information that we had to fill out. For example we had to come up with the name of our town, weather in our town, activities that can be done in our town and the Mayor of our town.

After we finished creating our town, we used Prezi on the computer to make a show that lists some cool things in our town, the name of it, and important places. Also Prezi allowed us to choose our own background and had all the same qualities as Microsoft Word and other typing companies. So we can type in the information about our community and then display it in a fun way!

That was the best Social Studies project EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are lots of pictures below of us working on our community project.

Garden Buddies

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Buddies in the Garden

by Giulia, Paige, and Emily

This week 3A worked in the garden with our Kindergarten buddies.

We weeded the flower and plant beds. We learned that weeds can harm plants. If you grab the whole patch of weeds, you can pull them out easily.

Another fun thing we did, was making scripts and characters for a garden puppet show. We could only pick characters in a garden like bugs and animals, but no people. You could have superheroes and villians to make the show interesting.

Sounds fun right? Well, we did even more. Mrs. Norton (Brady's mom) read a book called Prince Peter Eats the Sun. While she was reading, we had watermelon and cookies. The story was about a prince , who was a very picky eater. One day, Prince Peter was invited to a garden dinner with Mrs. Sunbody and her family. There were peasants outside the kingdom. Prince Peter had food that was growing on their farm. Peter thought he wouldn’t like it but, he surprisingly liked the food.

3A really enjoyed the book. We hope you enjoyed our blog. Have a great day!

Gardening Pictures

Mouse and the Motorcycle

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Mouse and the Motorcycle

By: Jane Lynn & Meredith

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In Guided Reading, we are reading a chapter book called The Mouse and the Motorcycle. We learned new vocabulary words from the book. For example, we learned that an incinerator is a furnace that makes trash into ashes. Another example is the word vacancy which means empty.

So far in the story, there is a mouse named Ralph who meets a boy named Keith. Ralph loves adventure. We don’t know what is going to happen next in the story, but we sure are excited to find out!

Flat Stanley Projects

Introducing our last week's Star Student... Jack!

Introducing this week's Star Student... Emily!