The Middle East Water Project

By: Sydney Clawson and Kayla Roberts

The water crisis is a serious issue affecting a ton of people in the Middle East. 440 million school days are lost a year due to water related sickness. The total population of the countries in the Middle East is 98,552,321. Two causes of desertification are little rain and it is common to misuse of heavy irrigation. Water is being overused and affecting the countries already oversized water resources. They have no been able to sustain enough water for its population. It will deplete its natural freshwater in about 50 years. It is currently rated in highest per capita water consumption in the world. The cost of water in Jordan has increased thirty percent in 10 years. Plants produce water needed for the arid region, they can manufacture problems for health and the enviornment. Some drawbacks to the desilation facilities are the missuse of heavy irrigation, in the area droughts are more frequent, and and contribute to changing the landscape. To help you can start a fundraiser or donate to long lasting water projects that serve villages and schools.