What Did I Learn In Help Desk?

Here is a little of what I learned...

Working on Computers

I got the awesome privilege to take apart laptops and work on them! I am a hands on learner and got to experience something I can use later on in life!

Going to Different Schools

I also got to experience traveling to different schools with a partner. Together, we both traveled to an elementary school to help out with the Help Desk teacher there. We both worked with new students and taught them everything they needed to know about their laptop. We answered questions and did everything we could to teach them! We also went into class rooms and helped more students with certain applications. I also did more laptop maintenance there as well.

Being a "Help Desk Ambassador"

Last but not least, I was a "Help Desk Ambassador", which ran around the school, taking things to students and helping them out. I ran to a classroom at least 3 times a week, and I also helped out as a tour guide for visitors as they came to the school.