By: Hubert

The Earth Layers

The Crust
Thickness: Varies from 0-100km

The Mantle

Thickness: 2900km
Temperature: 1000°C - 2500° C

The Outer Core
Thickness: 2200km
Temperature: 4000°C

The Inner Core
Thickness: 1200km
Temperature: 5000°C

Note: Thickness means the radius of each layer.

The Rock Cycle

The rock cycle is a cycle showing how different types of rocks transform and what type of rock do they transform into. For example if an igneous rock is in enough pressure and heat it can transform into a metamorphic rock, and then if a metamorphic rock is effected by weathering it will transform into sediments, which can transform into a sedimentary rock if it is compact enough. The cycle will then go on and on. But most of these transformations would take a long time usually thousands of years. Therefore a single rock could change into many different forms in a million years.

Types of Rocks

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