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Symbol of MY PLANET

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how venus got it's name

Venus got it's name from a Roman Goddes of love and beauty her name was Aphrodite.

what venus looks like

It looks like a red ball.It also looks like a lava place.It looks like a volcano lava color.


Distances of venus

Order from the Sun:second

Distance from the sun in AU:.7au

in km:108.2 mllion km

Distance from the Earth in AU:1.14 au

in km:42 millon km

venus orbit and rotation

Number of days to orbit around the sun:224.701 days

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):243 earth days

Water forms on MY PLANET

Weather on venus

449 cilcus 850 ferenhit

Rings and Satellites on MY PLANET

Exploration to venus

on 1970 sovent onion found venus.

Human colony on venus

I think human colony could not live on venus because it has to much het and the oxegen is bad for you to breath. you could also burn down

Picture of venus

Atmostphere and Temperature of venus

carbon,dixide,nitrogen very hot and thick.449cilcius 850 fernhit
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