Mayan Weekly

Week of August 4th


Our enrollment is up to 850! That puts us at 45 students above what we were projected for this year. We are one of the few schools to exceed enrollment numbers. One big reason for this is the outstanding work of our support staff. They stayed late, came in on Saturday's, and put their regular duties aside to make enrolling students the priority. This is not an easy task and our staff made the process smooth for our families. While the District is down 800 students we still have 15 new registrations scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. A testament to all of our faculty and staff. You are doing great things and parents are noticing. Go Mayans!

Thanks to all of you for participating and supervising our first PEP rally. Mrs. Siglin and her kids organized a great show!


Our thanks again for embracing the full commitment to Canvas. Once it's said and done you will see the capabilities, function, and use of Canvas far outweigh those of Jupiter Grades. Thanks also to Mr. Macias for Friday's training on Canvas Grades. He jumped head first into Canvas last year and really knows his stuff. The training was an eye opener for me. It showed me that Canvas has many great features but it also woke me up to the fact that I need to put more time and effort into learning how to use it. Please click on the TodaysMeet link below to give your suggestions on how we can improve our Tech Trainings and what new trainings you most need.

Please click theTodaysMeet link above and comment on the questions below. 1)How could we improve the training from Friday? 2)What trainings would you like in the future? Click the link, enter your name, click JOIN, respond then click SAY

Mrs. Salcido's WAAG

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Updates & Reminders

  • Classes will be balanced by the end of the day Tuesday
  • FAC is this Wednesday
  • Saturday School begins this weekend
  • Open House is next Thursday
  • Walkthroughs wil continue to focus on DLT's. Don't forget to use the DLT as a check for understanding
  • Check your email atleast twice a day
  • Need help with Canvas? See Rudy, Jose, or a Genius Bar student
  • Getting evaluated this year? Be on the lookout for an email with further details
  • Please take your picture in the Adaptive Room Monday or Tuesday
  • Be sure to say hello to our new tutors who will be working in select science and math classrooms as well as the GIFT Center