Holocaust WW2

By Blythe Perry

1- Hitler comes to power

In 1933, Hitler came to power in Germany.

2- Kristallnacht

Kristallnacht was a night in 1938 that involved pillaging and burning of Jewish businesses, stores, and people . 30,000 Jewish people were arrested on this night and sent to concentration camps.

3- Ghettos

Ghettos were places Jews were sent to live during WW2. They were forced out of their houses to live in tight quarters with strict city boundaries. They were also forced to wear the yellow star of David every day.

4- Warsaw

Warsaw was one of the largest ghettos, with a population of 445,000 people. There was a Jewish council.

5- Deportation

People were deported from the ghettos to be sent to concentration camps or death camps. These people were tracked that they were being sent to another place fro labor.

6- Extermination Camps

Extermination camps were designed for large mass murder. There were about 20,000 extermination camps. People were put in gas chambers here.

7- Birkenau

Birkenau was an extermination camp that had 4 gas chambers. People here were abused and imprisoned.

8- The End

After the war, people found shelter in displaced people camps. The Allied Powers forced the Nazis to stop in 1945.

9- Aftermath

The people who were imprisoned made their way back to their homes to find that they were destroyed or taken over. 2/3 of the Jews in Europe were killed.

10- The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a terrible event. There was strong prejudice against Jews and other people. The goal of the holocaust was to exterminate Jews worldwide.