Robert Menzies

The Longest Running Prime Minister

Who is Robert Menzies?

As most people should know, he was the 12th Prime Minister or the Longest Running Prime Minister and he was an Australian Politician too.

Robert Menzies Childhood

Robert Menzies childhood was in Jeparit, Victoria. He was born on 20th December, 1894. He attended state school in Jeparit and Ballarat. He topped state scholarships and continued schooling on scholarships at Greenville College in Ballarat

What was this Longest Running Prime Minister best known for?

Robert Menzies was best known for allowing migrants and refugees into Australia or was probably best known for anything he did to make his state or country better. That is why he probably was best known for the Longest Running Prime Minister and if he never had this then probably all non-white people would be here or any people who weren't born here then decided to come here and live peacefully.

Robert Menzies Adulthood

Robert Menzies has 3 children Kenneth Menzies, Ian Menzies, Heather Henderson and His wife, Pattie Menzies. He was employed as a barrister then later on he became a Prime Minister.