Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of Oct. 28th-Nov. 1st

Week in Review

What a good week! Our PBL projects are going well and we are almost done with all of our research! Boy, I can tell you launching Project Based Learning for the first time felt like a project in itself! Students are maintaining their group jobs as they learn collaboration, they have realized that collaboration isn't always easy but it's a necessary skill. The kids are really doing a good job, and the groups are reaching an exciting point in the project timeline...Exhibits! This week, the groups will decide HOW they want to display all of the research they have been doing.

What We Will Be Learning This Week

Math: Monday and Tuesday we will be exploring money! The students will be using addition and skip counting to count collections of coins. They will also explore how cent, dollar, and decimal symbols describe money. A letter will be sent home on Tuesday asking for you to send in a collection of coins to use in class. The rest of the week will be focused on digging deeper with addition and subtraction, working towards adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers. As always, we will also solve problems connected to everyday experiences, communicate, and use logical reasoning to justify thinking (problem solving).

What you can do at home: Have your student practice counting collections of coins. Ask them about Hairy Money! If your student is excelling at collections under a dollar, get them to try their hand at counting groups of coins OVER a dollar.

Sci/SS/Project Based Learning: This week the students will decide how they are going to present their research! The groups will have to come to a consensus on what kind of exhibit to do. The materials will then have to be divided up among the group. This is where we need you!

What you can do at home: Be on the lookout for notes in folders or emails from me on what your student's group might need to make their exhibit.

Writing: This week the students will learn how to write an All About Book about their landmark! Students will use some of the text features of nonfiction to organizer their books (like a table of contents, diagram with labels, glossary, and index).

Reading: Nonfiction and Author's Purpose will be driving our curriculum this week. On Monday, the students will compare the genres of fiction and nonfiction. The rest of the week will be devoted to exploring WHY authors write (Author's Purpose). The students will read a variety of texts and justify why an the author wrote the text and who the text is meant for (audience).

What you can do at home: As your student reads to self or with you this week, talk about why the author wrote that book. Was it to explain or teach the reader? Persuade? Entertain? Furthermore, who is this book for? Children? Adults? Why would someone want to read this book?

On The Calendar

Friday, Oct. 25th Jake's Birthday! Kona Ice after lunch!

Tuesday, Oct. 29th TAG Parent Info Night

Wednesday, Oct. 30th Early Release Day

Thursday, Oct. 31st Halloween!

Friday, Nov. 1st Assembly, Library, Class T-Shirt Day (if we get them in by then)

Friday, Nov. 8th PBL Presentations in the Cafeteria

Spotlight Stallion

Our Spotlight Stallion for this week is Sam Giebler! Mr. Sam is a great kid who returns amazing homework and tries his best in class! Way to go, Sam! I know you will have a good weekend with Peter!

Math SuperStars

Please give this awesome math program a try! We only have around 3 kids in the class doing it so far and I'd love to have more!

Students remember to go online to and print out the worksheet for your grade level each week. The worksheet is due back to your teacher the following Monday. Remember to show as much work as possible as partial credit will be given. You will earn points for the right answers. Awards will be given once certain goals are met!

Dates to Remember

Monday, October 7th ֠Sheets available for 1st-5th grades

PTA Reflections Contest

Deadline for entries : Tuesday, Nov 5th 2013

For Details, contact : Anima Mohapatra

  • Forms and guidelines can be found at:
  • Entries should be submitted in the bin located in the hallway starting October 21st, 2013
  • All entries must be accompanied with an entry form
  • Judging will be done in 2nd week of November, students will be notified via email

Coins For Coats

Friday, November 1 is the last day for Coins for Coats! Thank you for your donations thus far.

Halloween Candy

Our class will be collecting extra candy on November 1st to donate to the Texas Baptist Children's Home. Through our landmark research we have learned that the TBCH takes candy donations to distribute to the families and students. Our class thought this would be a great way to give back to the community.


Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!

High Fives

Students took home their Word Study Notebooks. I hope you enjoyed your tour of their notebook and got to hear your child explain all that we have been learning. Make sure you complete the High 5 Sheet to send back with the notebooks on Friday, Oct. 25th, so we can continue our learning.