Charles Lendbergh

Daniel Cochran

Charles lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh was born February 21 1902 in Detroit. Lindbergh was raised in Little Falls Minnesota. As a child Lindbergh was exponentially smart with his mechanical ability. The young age of 18 he went to the university of Wisconsin for engineering for a couple of months. Lindbergh mind was set on flying he joined the armed forces. He ranked top of his class in aviation school. After the arm forces he flew daredevil stunts for fairs and circuses. Lindbergh won the Nortel prize because he flew from St. Louis to New York in 33 1/2 hours.

Lindbergh after he retired he learned about pioneer physics with Robert H. Goddard. He later funded Roberts experiment, like missiles, space travel. Lindbergh built a artificial heart for Alex carrel a surgeon who was trying to keep organs live while out of the body. Lindbergh ten year old son was kidnapped and he was killed by Bruno Richard Hauptmann.Lindbergh was a very smart person.


what kind of plane did Charles fly the most. How old was he when he started to fly. Why did he like to fly so much.


Charles impact was to keep moving forward and helping people invent new things