Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Barbara Cancio August , 24 2012


setting: china town , San Francisco : the largest chinese town out side of Asia . Its mixed with restaurants, shops, businesses, religious  and  culture. China town was found by chinese immigrants in 1849 during the Gold rush.


Ni kan doesnt want to be a prodigy but the mom wants her to be a prodigy so they get in a fight


the  exposition is when  the mom makes her watch the trainning vidoes . the rising action when her mom makes her take piano lessons. climax when the messed up at the talent show. falling action when she went off on her mom. resolution when her mom dies and she tones up the piano.                                                                   

Internal Conflict & External Conflict

the internal conflict is all the angre she has towards her mom and the feelings  she has and  that she doesnt want to be a prodigy the external conflict is when she doesnt listen to her mother so she messes up when she is playing the piano and she doesnt evn try to fix her mistakes


lidepending how much effert you put in something is how much you get out of it 


the piano lesson was a symbol that her mom wanted her to be a prodigy along with the videos and the piano was a symbol that her mom wanted her to be something big she wanted her to be talented

what does she see in the mirror

she sees a prodigy and she starts practicing her wave and smile

what went wrong

they both had disagreements the mom wanted her to be a prodigy but ni kan didnt want to be a prodigy but then her mother put her in piano lessons and ni kan didnt like it so she messed up on propose to get back at her mother.

her early life

the mothers life was hard and she wanted a better life for her daughter