Toy-related Inguries

Toy-related injuries have jumped about 40% since 1990

Are they really for kids?

When you see a commercial for a Razor scooter or cool new bike, you usually see kids doing tricks with them and riding around at the skate park or in parking lots. Well those kids are older than 2 year olds, so they wont try and ride scooters. That is where your wrong. From an article titled "Warning: Scooters and other toys may be hazardous to a child's health" stated "One type of toy was called out for it's role in fueling the rise of injuries: foot-powered scooters. The total number of injuries involving these and other "ride-on toys" shot up 74 percent during study period, from 41,418 in 1990 to 71,929 in 2011, the researchers found." Not only do foot powered scooters take a lot of handling to control them, kids need the brain knowledge to know when to take their foot off the pedal that makes them go! Most kids just keep their foot on the pedal and never let go and then crash; causing them to end up in the hospital or emergency room.

Is it really the childs fault?

Young kids, lets say 2 year olds, tend to take action based upon what they see someone else do or say. What if when kids are riding scooters or bikes or rideable toys, they are just listening to what their parents say or an adult. What if the parents are telling the kids to push down on the pedal, but then the kids losses control because the parent doesn't hold on to them! There are many possibilities to why kids are injured a lot now when riding a toy, but this one could make much more sense than the rest. In the same article it also stated "The age at which children were most likely to be injured was 2, and kids younger than 5 accounted for just over half (50.5 percent) of the total injuries." This proves my point about 2 year olds riding dangerous toys. It also proves that younger kids are tending to get hurt because they have no idea what they're doing and that once at age 6 or 7 they are better knowledged to know how to ride a scooter.