September Room 202 News!

Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy


This will be a monthly newsletter that our class will be putting out. Here you will be able to find topics that we will be studying, important classroom dates, reminders, etc.

I look forward to staying connected with all of Room 202's families!


The 4th grade trip to Camp Mosaic is coming up quick. We will be going Sept. 26-30. We are still waiting for a few forms back from some 4th graders. Please turn these in as soon as you can.

We have begun a couple new art programs! Poetry with Ms. Doyle and Drama with Ms. Tillman. This is a wonderful opportunity, and the class has had a great time thus far.

Please sign up for if you haven't yet. This web messaging service is a great way for us to communicate. Find it at:


4th graders will

  • add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.
  • Strategically add and subtract to solve word problems using the base 10 system.
  • understand how decimals and fractions can represent the same value.
5th graders will

  • add and subtract decimals using concrete models, and relate these models to written methods.
  • write simple expressions to represent math problems involving decimals.
  • estimate using rounding and benchmark numbers, and compare their estimates to calculate solutions to determine their reasonableness.


We are continuing our focus on reading books that at our individual level. We are starting with a focus on Visualizing, predicting, connecting, and reacting to the text as we read. This is all following the Readers Workshop curriculum.


We have begun to dive into narratives. I have noticed that many students need some extra practice with creating a strong paragraph. So we will start there. We will also be getting our typing skills going!


We are starting with the Water Cycle and then we will progress into land formations and erosion.

202 Dates:

Sept. 26-30 - Camp Mosaic

October 6 - Field Trip - Academy of Science- Biodiversity study in Golden Gate Park (Permission slips have been sent out, and I am looking for 5-6 chaperons)

Oct. 17-21- Puberty Education- this will be led by S.H.E. (Superstar Health Education) provides high quality, fun and interactive puberty and sexuality education for children, youth and adults of the Bay Area.

Information about S.H.E.

Class needs:

  • We have a project on :

  • We are in need of printer ink : HP ink cartridge 564

  • Klenex