Welcome to the Canvas Challenge!

'15-'16 Cohort 6 Information

Need to Knows:

The Canvas Challenge course officially opens on Monday, April 18.

This course will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Develop basic lesson components for a course of your choosing, in a supportive course environment
  • Experience Canvas as a student-user
  • Earn four professional development hours (CPE) in Eduphoria

Credit cannot be assigned to participants until all course requirements have been completed. In other words, no partial-credit will be assigned.

While course requirements are sequenced over the course of two weeks, YOU CAN ACCELERATE COMPLETION OF THE REQUIREMENTS PER YOUR INDIVIDUAL PREFERENCE. In other words, you can complete many components at your preferred pace of work.

You can review all course requirements and information here:


Next Steps

1. Join the course in Canvas by clicking on this link: https://arlington.instructure.com/enroll/6K76CR

You log into Canvas with the same username and password that you use when logging into TEAMS and systems like Eduphoria (Active Directory credentials). Do not add '@aisd.net' to your username.

2. Be proactive by asking any questions you have about the process, course requirements, etc. so that there's no confusion or issues that will prevent your enrollment and/or initial work in the course.


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