Whats happening now?

The crime in your town

The Arrest

On Friday the 13th, Mr. One was arrested for the felony of assaulting Mr. Three. Mr. One's public defender has stated that his bail will be set to $50,000 and he will only spend 3 years in prison if he agrees to the plea bargain.

The Prosecution

During the prosecution, the defendant was subpoenaed. In court, all on trial must take an oath and can not lie for that would be perjury which is illegal. First to take the stand was the first hand witness, Mr. Two. He stood before the judge and said "All though I can not see, my hearing is precis. I know what I heard and it was not pretty. Mr. Three had not heard Mr. One behind him who was coming up the stairs while he was trying to go down. Mr. Three walked right into Mr. One and of course Mr.One couldn't see him and Mr. One fell down the stairs. Mr. One had not known that Mr. Three was blind so he thought he did it on purpose. When Mr. Three asked if he was alright, Mr. One started hitting him. I know this because I could hear the punches. All 21 of them."

The Verdict

After hearing from the witness, the grand jury made an indictment that the defendant is guilty. Mr. One took the stand for the arraignment. "I feel terrible for what I did. I did not know he had the same disability as me and I will not lie and say I did not hurt this man because I did and I take full responsibility. I plea guilty." All the evidence and statements were brought before the petit jury and they stated that Mr.One was guilty of the assault towards Mr. Three. Although Mr. One pleaded guilty, his lawyer appealed for another decision because he said it was not his clients fault. He said that it was both, Mr. One and Mr. Three's disabilities faults that caused this mishap and he wanted to plea not guilty for his client. After going through all the processes, the final verdict was that Mr. One was convicted of a felony of assault against Mr. Three and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.