Belarus is a flat country with over 1.9 million people.

By, Andrew Tran

Geography and Travel

Belarus is a landlocked state. Even though it is a land locked state, trading is important there. It is the center of Europe and more than 1.9 million people live in Belarus. It is over 207,000 square kilometers. The capital of Belarus is Minsk ( which is located in the center of the country. Belarus is divided into 6 districts; Brest region, Gomel region, Grodno region, Minsk region, Mogivel region, and the Vitebsk region. Each is centered around a major city.
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The form of government is called a republic but technically is a dictatorship. Their president is Alexander Lukashenko and their prime minister is Andrei Kobyakov. The people are allowed to have health treatment, social welfare, free general education, and free professional technical training. Belarus is also planning to implement U.N into their country.


People in Belarus use ruble as their currency. One ruble is equal to 0.000047 U.S dollars. And an average person in Belarus gets 82,163 ruble per year. Belarus is the third most largest producer of potash. They export it to Russia and to places in Europe. They import gas and oil from Russia.

People in Belarus

Of the people, 83.7% are Belarusian, 8.3% are Russian, 3.1% are Polish, 1.7% are Ukrainian, and 0.1% are Jewish. 99.8% of the men in Belarus go to school and 99.7% of the female in Belarus go to school.
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Belarus Religions

80% of Belarus' religion is Eastern Orthodox and 20% is Muslim
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Belarus Language

70% of the people in Belarus speak Belarusian and 30% speak Russian.
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Belarus Flag

The red part of the flag represents the Revolution. The green part represents Belarus' forests and the pattern on the left side is on traditional Belarus costumes.