Say Hello To America

By: Zane Brewster

Point of view

I was born into this I am only 13 but I am always hearing about the annexation of Texas to the United States. I'm all for this idea because our Texan Army is small and we don't even have a Navy to protect us from intruding ships.

US not liking annex

The US has a lot of reasons of our republic not annexing with them but the main reason is because will still have slaves. Some farmers are willing to give up there slaves but most of them will not, they say that they have the right to own slaves. Also Texas had Mexico tying to control them still and the US did not want to go into a war because they do not have a fully created army. The last reason is because Texas had lots of debt to pay off and that is why Texas wanted to join the US.

Reasons Texas wanted to annex

Texas was not a state, not a country, but a republic so they could have taken controlled over by a powerful country any day, so they decided to annex with the country where most of the Anglo's were from.....America. The Republic of Texas needed to get there debt paid protection by an army from Mexico, postal system, and money system then they will be on a roll.

Treaty of April 1844

The Treaty of April 1844 would allow the annexation of Texas and the US. It would make Texas a territory of the US. The US senate rejected it though, it didn't pass by 2/3's of the majority, which was a big shock!

New president of US : James K Polk

The election of 1844in the US decided the new president of the USA. James K Polk becomes the new president who favors the annexation of Texas in the large gain of US land. The new president being voted in favor of annexation meant most people in the US where for the annexation of Texas.

The joint resolution February 26, 1845

The joint resolution of Texas into the US was passed on february 26, 1845 which was voted for by both houses in the US congress and the people of America.

The new life

Now I'm not just 13, I am 13 and free from Mexico's ruling even after independence from them. Our debt is payed off, we have a postal and money system, we have an army, and most importantly we have a functioning government