Colleyville Heritage Band

Week of 8/20 - 8/27

Happy Parent Preview Day!

The kiddos have done a great job this week returning back to school. We can’t wait to perform tonight at the Preview and BBQ!

Week’s Schedule (August 23-27)


  • Leadership Meeting - 8:20AM
  • Marching Rehearsal - 4:45 PM

  • Marching Rehearsal - 7:15 AM

  • Marching Rehearsal - 7:15 AM

  • Marching Rehearsal - 7:15 AM

  • Marching Rehearsal 7:00 AM
  • Pep Rally! 8:35 AM
  • Red Rail Rivalry vs. Grapevine SCHEDULE BELOW

Week’s Schedule (August 30 - September 2)


  • Leadership Meeting - 8:20AM
  • Marching Rehearsal with Mr. Chavis - 4:45PM

  • Marching Rehearsal - 7:15AM

  • Marching Rehearsal - 7:15AM
  • Homecoming Parade - SCHEDULE BELOW


  • Marching Rehearsal - 7:15AM


  • Marching Rehearsal - 7:00AM
  • Pep Rally - 8:35AM
  • Homecoming vs. Boswell - SCHEDULE BELOW


ALL students should now have completed their physicals and forms. They should be turned to Mr. Haddock.

You will not be able to attend Red Rail if these forms are not turned in.


Same as physicals, we need to have these forms completed ASAP!


Upload Forms Here:


1. Download all forms from the band website onto your computer.
2. Once downloaded, the forms become fillable PDF files. Fill them out electronically with a parent.
3. SAVE each file as a PDF ("print-save as PDF") -
4. Upload the signed forms below.
******Make sure you upload the correct form for each question******

The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form

Fan Pledge!

FAN PLEDGE is ROCKING! Please continue to share and get community donations and support! We are all in this together :)


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Registration for trip eligible students (those with all fees paid) will open up in the next couple of weeks. We want to take our whole program down to Corpus Cristi for a weekend of performing and fun!

Check out this video below:

2022: Colleyville Heritage High School Band: Corpus Christi [x2779]

Info From Our Boosters

Football is coming!! WOOHOO! We can't wait to see you all in the concession stands, on the field -- wherever! Sign up to volunteer here:

Band Parent Tips

A lot happens over the course of the year in band...particularly during these next few months of the marching season! Keep these pages of the website handy.

Thank you to all of these wonderful parents and students who helped with uniform fittings. The best kids are band kids and the best parents are band parents!

Bridget Moore, Michelle Bender, Karen Boyse, Yony Kim, Rebecca Carleo, Sun Kim, Pooch and Mare' Amy, Karen and Kent Simpson, Jeff and Beth Kobes, Brototi Bhatt, Jason and Janet Adams, Jennifer Pierara, Rachel Davidsaver, Miwako Ichikawa, Holly Thorsell, Tiana Nguyen, Gage Wallace, Diego Cruz, Sam Rork, Carol Massey, Mark Moore, Tanushri Bhatt,

Eduardo Burciaga-Ichikawa, Brenda Massey, Carlie Caldwell, Sappy Anthony, David Reyff, Chi Ha, Florencia Razeto, Katherine Taylor, Megan Ayers, Jen Ditto, Abe Nagib, Cooper Spain, Nicki Winter, Hyun Chung, Augene Chung, Carly Williams, Andrea Uremovich, Alissa Park, Naomi Carleo, Liam Spain, Tyler Lane, Jusun Chung, Jake Ditto, Emme Abrahams, Jennifer Shepherd, Amy Ground, Jackie Knappenberger, Angie Wallace, Scott Bulger, Lily Tran, Emily Emmet, Mia Knappenberger, Dida and Mitch Abrahams, Catherine Vanover, Kelvin Nguyen, Madeline Shepherd, Sammy Ditto, and others who I am sure I left out!

Letter Jackets 2021-2022

This information was shared back in May and early June.

If you think you qualify for a letter jacket, please read the information below and email Mr. Barnard so he can put you on the list. No guarantees on when the jacket will be ready. That’s why we shared this information last spring!!


A letter jacket will be presented to senior and junior students who have served the high school band program well. Students must have participated in the band program from the time of their enrollment in high school before their junior and senior year and must participate through graduation of their senior year. Students will attend all performances, U.I.L. activities, and other required events. Exceptions will be granted at the discretion of the band directors (illness, emergencies, etc.).

Winds and Percussion Qualifications:

A student who is not a junior or senior may qualify for a letter jacket provided they:

1.Earned a position and performed in an All Region Band**

2. Earn a First Division on a Class One Solo

**9th Graders who place in the 9th -Grade Region Band must also audition for High School Region in order to have their placement count towards letter jacket qualification.

Diamonds Qualifications:

A student who is not a junior or senior in Diamonds may qualify for a letter jacket provided they:

1. Earn a 90 on a solo at the NTCA Solo & Ensemble competition

2. 4 consecutive seasons in Varsity Diamonds Fall Guard & Varsity Winter Guard

A junior or senior Diamond member may also qualify for a letter jacket provided they:

1. Have had continuous enrollment in the Diamonds Fall Guard & Winter Guard program from the time they joined the program.

After reviewing the preceding information, if you feel that you meet the requirements for qualification, please fill out this form HERE - it will be sent to the letter jacket company. You will set up a time to meet with them.

Band Website, Absence Form and Calendar

As always, please utilize the band website, absence form, and calendar so that you are aware of all of our band activities!

Quote of the Week

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Happy Birthday!

Please join us in saying Happy Birthday this week to:

- Grayson Ground (8/24)

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