Why should you join the roman army?

Roman Soldiers Really wanted (We are desperate)

Reasons to join the bloody gory army.

  1. You are payed really well. (300 silver a year).
  2. You are treated well. ( You get your own tents and food is "good").
  3. Get to retire happily (You get to have a free farm wit animals and crops).
  4. Become honored by your family ( If they remember you).
  5. Get to pick your own load out or kit for battle ( Archer, Barbarian, Sling Shot).
  6. When you die your family will always remember you as a true warrior (If they remember you).
  7. Get to be in a strong, confident army (one of the best in the world).
  8. Get to make new friends (Go bathe with other people to get to know them).
  9. Get to laugh at the losers who attempted to battle you (If you win, if not you die don't worry about it).
  10. Extra... If you lose a battle you die or become a slave. Don't worry you will win.

Roman Army Slogan

Joining the Roman Army will make you strong, because when you don't join you are wrong
By: Max Resch