T. S. 2nd Period

Drama and the way it's created

When most people think of drama they think SOAP opera or a movie, that's not all drama has to offer. Dramas are also portrayed in the theatre genre as well. Did you know that plays have been written since the fifth century B. C. . In drama there is a variety. You could be comediac or serious. It all depends on the play or scene. Stages in the olden days were in the round. Where the audience sits all around the stage. There were various different types of stages and some still exist to this day! Have you ever heard of the Casa Manana it's theatre in Fort Worth, Texas in the round. Here is a picture of the Casa Manana in present day,notice how the stage is round.
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Setting up the Play

In a play there is a director, actors, stage managers etc.. In the process of getting ready for the play the director must show actors when to move and on what line to move on. The blocking is done and the costumes are put on then the show is ready!

Below is the Broadway Original Cast of Hairspray.

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