Jeslyne Nevarez

The Vietnam War Memorial

The Vietnam War happen in South Vietnam . When the soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War returned, people act to them there not there. Many people didn't like the idea that America was helping with south Vietnam. So many people didn't vote for the war. So when they came back they can't believe we're home . So they been hoping they well be a special place to honor them.
The memorial was built in November 1982. They holding a contest to design the memorial . They decided who the winner be . The winner was Maya Lin. Many people didn't like the design because it didn't have a flag of the United States.

The Vietnam Memorial has a big V in the front of memorial. There's a big huge black granite wall. That wall is 246 .75 ft long and 40 inches wide. It has many names. It has 58,000 names . The memorial is located in the Washington Mall. Like many people have scar. The memorial it self it looks like scar that happen to earth.


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