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St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - 12/11/15

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Inspirational Quote

“Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes."

~Edsger Dijkstra (1930-2002) was an early theoretical pioneer in many research areas of computing science, including algorithm design, programming methodology, and software architecture.

From Desk of the Principal
  • PTO Final Christmas Raffle Results 12-11-15

  • 6th-Grade Showcase Congratulations!


  • SUPER Bingo! - 1/1/16

  • Point of Pride!

  • ---Catholic Education Foundation News & Wall Street Journal Articles

  • 196,029 Hour of Code Events Around the World!

  • ---Computer Science Education Week - 12/7-12/13

  • ---Why computer science?

  • National Girls Collaborative Project - KY Chapter

  • EdChoice KY

  • --- Scholarship Tax Credit Programs

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From the Classrooms

  • Creative Learning Center
  • ---Book of the Month Reading
  • ---Accelerated Reader News from the Desk of Mrs. Trusty
  • Eighth Grade
  • ---National Society of The Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Winners
  • ART
  • ---Catholic Education Foundation Poster Contest Winners
  • ---Art Classes Projects
  • Team Rosters and Schedule Posted
  • Upcoming Sports Events
  • ---Intramural Basketball Schedule
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  • Catholic Sports Athletic Association Basketball Website Link
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  • THE PTO 2015-2016 CALENDAR
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  • Mercy Academy Annual Jr. Jag Dance Clinic
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From the Desk of the Principal

PTO Final Christmas Raffle Results 12-11-15

Our goal this year was $15,000 and I am pleased to announce we achieved and exceeded this goal. We collected a total of $16,750 or 112% of our goal. This is a tremendous effort by our families and I want to thank you for this wonderful accomplishment. These funds will be used by the school to ensure your tuition stays as low as possible. It is a blessing and once again I say “thanks”.
Below is the final breakdown by class:
  • PS - 78%
  • PKR - 89%
  • PKG - 68%
  • K - 105%-Third Place
  • 1st - 87%
  • 2nd - 76%
  • 3rd - 113%-Second Place
  • 4th - 91%
  • 5th - 119%-First Place-Top Class
  • 6th - 94%
  • 7th - 72%
  • 8th - 63%
  • Faculty- 95%
~The class with the highest percentage of sales which is receiving a Pizza Party and extra recess for a week is….Grade 5 (119%). Congratulations for this accomplishment. Also congratulations to the second place class which put up a strong showing with 113%.....Grade 3.

~Congratulations to grade 3 and 5 for achieving 100% of sales and getting a PJ day. The 5th grade will have their PJ day on Monday next week and the 3rd grade needs to let me know when they would like theirs. Another class had a very good return today and achieved 100%. Congratulation to K (105%) for their achievement and they will also get a PJ day TBD.
~Today the faculty had the highest amount of returns with $580 turned in today. Their percentage is 95% and is far and above the 8th grade (63%). Thank you faculty, for not only supporting this raffle in the classroom but supporting with your sale of chances. Without your sales we would not have achieved the overall goal. You guys are very special!
~If your family sold all the 20 chances or $100 then each child in the family will receive an extra Spirit Day beginning January 11th. A list of students will be provided to the teachers.
~Any family who sold more than $100 in chances will have their name placed into a drawing for the $50 Visa gift card.

  • The family selling the most chances and receiving a $50 Visa gift card is the Votaw family. Special thanks to this family for all they did to help us achieve our goal.
  • The second highest amount of returns was from Paula Cassidy, our Caregiver for After School Care. Thank you so much for this great effort and helping us achieve our goal.

The winner of the raffle was: Ray Whitfill
Seller: Kayli Whitted

~Kevin Brever

6th Grade Showcase Congratulations!

Congratulations to those 6th graders who participated in the 6th-grade Showcase this past Saturday.
  • Math-Zack K and Kayli L
  • Science-Evan R (6th Place) and Jack B (4th Place)
  • Social Studies- Jack B (3rd Place) and Zach K
  • Language Arts-Kelsey H and Jenna R
  • Arts and Humanities-Madalyn A and Jenna R
  • Composition-Madalyn A, Kelsey H and Kayli L

Quick Recall-4th place
  • Madalyn A, Jack B, Zach K, Kayli L, Jenna R and Evan R



St. Paul Bingo is offering a Customer Appreciation Night on Friday, December 18th. Any customer who buys a pack will receive a FREE Dinner Coupon and a Door Prize Ticket. Door prizes include gift cards and other very nice gifts, including a 32” HD TV.

SUPER Bingo! - 1/1/16

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Catholic Education Foundation News & Wall Street Journal Articles - Point of Pride!

Below are articles that appeared in the latest issues of the CEF Newsletter and the Wall Street Journal. Please take the time to read these wonderful articles.
Special thanks to the entire St. Paul Community and CEF for helping make this happen. It is a great accomplishment and I am very proud. Continue to spread the word about the good things happening at St. Paul.
Give More...Get More

196,029 Hour of Code Events Around the World!

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere, can organize an Hour of Code event. One-hour tutorials are available in over 40 languages. No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104. There were 196,029 Hour of Code events around the world!

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Nationwide; December 7-13, 2015
Each year, Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the impact of computing, the richness of computing careers, and the critical need for computer science (CS) education. CSEdWeek is a call to action to inspire students and colleagues about CS education, to employ new and better strategies for engagement, and to connect with the broader community about the need for and value of CS education

Why computer science?

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Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path. See more stats on tutorials work on all devices and browsers.

  • There are brand new tutorials featuring Star Wars, Minecraft and Anna and Elsa from Frozen!
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  • St. Paul classes began learning to code this week and will continue with more advanced lessons at the Hour of Code websites next week. They are completing fun, and challenging, lessons at and at We will go beyond the one hour by completing at least one of the courses available to us.
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  • The Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative Project brings together organizations and programs that are committed to informing and motivating girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to build a strong, diverse workforce in Kentucky. The University of Kentucky is the lead institution in this Collaborative.
  • Too often programs that serve girls in STEM are limited in service and impact due to size, location, funding, expertise, and equipment. In other cases, projects compete with each other, duplicating services and seeking the same resources. The Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative Project provides the opportunity for programs to increase their ability to maintain interest and participation of girls in STEM within Kentucky through collaboration.
  • Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative Project is based upon a model developed by the National Girls Collaborative Project, and replicated through a grant from the National Science Foundation. Project activities are designed to facilitate connections between organizations to maximize access to shared resources. Collaboration, as an interactive process, enables professionals across projects and communities to generate and carry out creative solutions and strategies that maximize benefit beyond what one project or community could accomplish. The model is structured to bring organizations together to leverage resources, share information and exemplary practices, and to plan strategically to expand STEM-related opportunities for girls.
  • STEM=Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

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EdChoice KY - Scholarship Tax Credit Programs

Parents and families,

The 2016 Kentucky General Assembly is almost upon us. One important issue that will be brought up in Frankfort is Scholarship Tax Credit Programs. Parental choice is essential for quality education and scholarship tax credits will enable more parents to make that choice, no matter their economic standing.

Over the next few months, you will hear about this issue from EdChoice KY. The coalition is educating the Commonwealth on Scholarship Tax Credit programs which allow individuals, businesses and banks to contribute money to a 501(c)(3) scholarship granting organization and in return, donors will receive a tax credit to offset their state tax liability. The scholarships ensure that all students have the opportunity to obtain the education they deserve at a school that best suits their educational needs.

Help EdChoice Kentucky reach 500 Facebook likes and 500 Twitter followers by Christmas Day!

  • Facebook: EdChoice KY
  • Twitter: @EdChoiceKY
  • Sign up for the newsletter at!
St. Paul Parish School Calendar

Click on this link for Upcoming Events

From the Classrooms

Book of the Month Reading

This year we are starting a "Book of the Month" reading with all classes. Each class will listen to a story and follow up by doing a writing activity with Mrs. Trusty during each monthly visit.

A book will be chosen that can be read to all classes and one that has a lesson, or thoughtful meaning. After we do this activity, they will turn in their writing and we will choose a few that are very good to read on announcements at the end of the month.

  • This month will be "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

Accelerated Reader News from the Desk of Mrs. Trusty

As of December 9th, we have read 2,673 books and have passed 2,296 Accelerated Reader quizzes! Great job ladies and gentlemen!

Don’t let your reading go into hibernation over the Christmas break! Here is a link to some wonderful Christmas books to read with the whole family.

  • Here are some of my top picks for reading over the break! Cozy up in your Christmas PJ's and read a good book during the holiday season! Enjoy!

Absolutely Truly-by Heather Vogel Frederick

  • AR Level: 5.4
  • Points: 12.0

Recommended for middle grades.

Truly Lovejoy moves to a new town with her family and soon she is involved in two mysteries to solve.
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Catholic Education Foundation Poster Contest Winners

The finalists for the Catholic Education Foundation Poster Contest are:

  • Primary division: Leah K, 1st grade
  • Intermediate division: McKinley K, 4th grade
  • Middle school division: Jayden S, 7th grade

Their posters were judged best at conveying the message "Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service" They are in competition with other Archdiocesan schools. Good luck St. Paul!

~Mrs. Lambert

Art Classes

The Art classes have been doing these projects:

  • PreK and PreSchool: "Christmas themed ornaments".
  • 1st grade: CEF poster; We just completed a Kandinsky inspired circle/color mixing painting. It will be displayed in the hallway outside of their classroom. They are now working on a Christmas tree collage.
  • 4th grade: CEF poster; Currently, they're working on a project that illustrates depth in space. It is an abstract tree-lined roadway that shows depth through size, overlapping, and placement on page.
  • 7th grade: CEF poster; The current project is an Optical Illusion. Taken from this site, They are learning techniques that help create the illusion of form on a 2-D surface by using the element of art called value.


Additional announcement - If anyone has magazines to donate, please do. I'm looking specifically for "National Geographic" and "Smithsonian" because of the quality of photography. I could use some "Better Homes & Gardens" and the like, but really don't want magazines like "People", "Us", or any in that genre. Thanks in advance.

~Mrs. Lambert


We have enjoyed learning about the Season of Advent and had fun making our very own Advent Wreaths! We have been doing a lot of Christmas art and crafts...our elves are our favorite! Mrs. Trusty came and read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". We are so glad to have her back at St. Paul!!

We have a field trip next week to the Louisville Planetarium for their Christmas music, laser light show and we are so excited!

-Mrs. Gibson

Our Preschool Elves!

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Eighth Grade National Society of The Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Winners

8th Grade has been working this trimester on essays for the National Society of The Daughters of the American Revolution. The assignment was to write a 600-1000-word essay where they are pretending that they are a colonist during the time of the Stamp Act. I received some amazing essays! They were very creative and well written. The top three winners from the 8th grade were;
  • Jade T,
  • Trenton M, and
  • Amber M.

These essays then went to Mr. Zimmerman to be checked for historical accuracy and our school winner is Jade T. Jade's essay will be sent to the judges at the Daughters of the American Revolution to compete with other middle school writers in the Louisville area.

  • Congratulations Jade T!


Team Rosters and Schedule Posted

The team rosters and schedule have been posted to the school's website under the "Sports" tab and can also be accessed by clicking the "STUDENT ATHLETE INFORMATION & SIGN UP FORM" button below. Coaches will be sent additional information and will be asked to contact each participant within the next week or two.

There is a $25 fee to play intramural basketball which is due on January 2nd prior to the start of your child's game. Your child will receive a jersey when the fee is paid. Please arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game time in order to pay and change your child's clothes before his or her match begins.
If you have any questions, please contact:


Click here for Sports Information and Sign-up Form.

Upcoming Sports Events

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St. Paul Sports Calendar Link

To see more upcoming Sports events, click this link.

From the PTO


Click on this link to find the Parent-Teacher Organization Calendar

PTO Committee Members

President -------- Stephanie Gayheart ----- 502-379-0323
Vice President -- Michelle Huber ----- 502-671-3851
Secretary -------- Melissa Logsdon ----- 502-762-5066
Treasurer -------- Becky Baird ----- 502-418-6343

Community Happenings

Mercy Academy

Mercy is having their annual Jr. Jag Dance Clinic for students PreK thru Grade 12 on December 19, registrations are now open. For information please contact:

Angie Laemmle Athletic Assistant

Mercy Academy

w. 502.671.2010 x.2312 f. 502.491.0661

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Events at Local Branches of the Louisville Public Library

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