Roman Entertainment

Take a trip back into the past!

Gladiators games

The gladiators were not free, they were criminals of war or they were slaves. They had to fight to the death in every single match they had. Sometimes if the gladiator never lost to another slave they would have to fight an animal such as a lion. Sometimes they would fill up the colosseum full of water and they would have to battle with ships and they would be able to drown their opponent.

The Colosseum

There were many events held in the colosseum, many of them involved death and destruction. Some of the events held in the colosseum were the gladiators games, circus acts, animals fighting animals, and animals hunts. Under the colosseum was where the animals were held and the types of animals they had were elephants, lions, buffalos, and bears to fight each other and the gladiators. The colosseum could hold 50,000 people at one time.

Chariot Racing

Was one of the most watched event at the time next to gladiator games. About 270,000 people would attend to watch the races. They would stay there all day long to watch the races go on.


To the Romans one of their entertainments were taking baths. They took baths to relax and enjoy the peace, the baths were also a day to day thing. When they took baths they went to the local baths to take them for personal hygiene. They also used the bath complex as a gathering point and served as a very useful community and social function.
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