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Madi Pickett, Chris Boyd, and Talha Zubair

Term: Stalwarts

Definition: A loyal and reliable hard worker that is an avid supporter in an organization or team.

Don't be a bore! Get involved more!

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No party, group, or organization needs just an observer. Get involved! Act on your word and support strongly. Be a stalwart and respect and change will follow.

Term: Halfbreeds

Definition: Was a small political group within the United States Republican Party in the late 19th century.

Winning the game.

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The stalwarts are opposing our plan. We need to gain knowledge and power within the Republican Party. Join our cause and win the puzzle.

Term: Tammany Hall

Definition: A political organization within the Democratic Party in New York City wanting political control by corruption.

We want you!

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We are the people. We are the backbone. We are the economy. And we are the government. More power means more opportunity to make this great nation, even more great.

Term: Sherman Antitrust Act

Definition: A federal law passed in 1890 committed too opposing monopolies. It prohibited contracts, combinations, or conspiracies.

Big corporations are gaining weight!

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Big corporations are gaining more and more power. Before long they'll be running this glorious country! We have to act soon. Vote in favor of the Sherman Antitrust Act and gain your individual power back.