Kids Capoeira with Parteira

Introduction to Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance, game and ceremony. It’s many benefits include exercise, self-defense, knowledge in singing, percussion instruments, history, philosophy and the Portuguese language. It has strong components of self-control, self awareness and respect of others space and bodies. Although Capoeira teaches self-discipline, its playful and music-filled delivery makes learning fun.

Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:30 at CBI

Classes will begin Tuesday, January 13th and continue for an 8 week series, until March 3rd, with the option of renewing for another 8 weeks. Kids should have a comfortable change of clothes for class. Sweat pants and white T-shirts are recommended but not a necessity.

Exciting and Inspiring!

Meet Olivia aka Parteira Cigana

Olivia is the mother of Zora Ma, who is 3 years old and has been playing capoeira since she learned to crawl. In Capoeira, all people receive a nickname or 'apellido' in Portugese. Parteira Cigana means 'Midwife Gypsy' and was given by her Capoeira Master, Mestre Cigano, as a namesake as well as a description of her work as an international midwife. Olivia has been passionate about Capoeira since she began training 9 years ago, and is excited to share her love of this unique martial art with young children.

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Will my child get hurt?

*In the introductory level, Capoeira is non contact. Although children will learn movements that include kicks and take-downs, when practicing movements and playing games, they demonstrate the movement without actually touching.

Will learning Capoeira encourage violent behavior?

*Capoeira terminology is geared towards non-violence. Matches between two individuals are called 'games', not fights, and practicing is considered 'Playing Capoeira'. Learning movements are always in the context of playing games with other children and the excitement of self mastery.

What if my child has no prior athletic or martial arts experience?

*Capoeira is for all levels of physical ability. We start where your child is, and build step by step. No prior skills or experience required!

Capoeira Batuque Kids

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